Get an upfront discount of up to 15% on your Life Plan

You could qualify for an additional premium discount of up to 15% on certain benefits through Vitality Rating.

When you take out an Integrated Discovery Life Plan you could  qualify for an additional premium discount of up to 15% on qualifying benefits. This means that as a member of a qualifying health plan and Vitality, you could  receive an initial premium discount of up to 32%.

Based on the results of your key health metrics (BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose level), you can either lock-in the full discount or half the discount for whole of life, or enjoy the full discount for the first year with the discount being removed over the first five years of your policy.

Discovery is all about rewarding good health and as a result you also have the option to review your key health metrics once every 12 months, to help ensure you keep your full Vitality Rating discount, if you did not qualify for this at policy inception.

Here is how it works:

As a member of Vitality, Vitalitydrive, Vitality Active Rewards for Life, or a qualifying health plan from a medical scheme administered by Discovery Health, you can qualify for the following upfront premium discounts on your Life Plan:

Speak to your financial adviser today, or leave your details here and learn how your healthy lifestyle can reward you in a way that's both great for your well-being as well as your pocket.


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