Security and fraud

Your security and the privacy of your personal information are our priority. This is our guide on how to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud, scams, phishing and theft.

Protect your personal information.

Personal information is any piece of information that – on its own or collectively – can uniquely identify you. Some examples:

  • ...

    1. Name and surname


    2. Identity and passport number


    3. Online username and password


    4. Cellphone number


    5. Bank account or credit card number

Blow the whistle on fraud and be rewarded

Get up to


of money recovered

Discovery may reward you up to 10% of the monies recovered, as a result of reporting suspected fraud.


0800 004500

0800 007788


Top tips to avoid being scammed


View any email, letter, sms or phone call that requests for your financial information or any other personal information with suspicion. When in doubt, contact the institution to verify the request.


Before discarding invoices, statements or sensitive information, shred or burn them. Never leave your personal information lying around in a public place.


Choose strong passwords – include numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters. Remember to change passwords and PINs often.


Carry only the credit cards and membership cards that you need.


When logging onto a website, check you're on the company's legitimate secure website – even a single character difference means a different website. Make sure that the website you visit has a lock icon in the address bar and that the web address starts with the letters 'https'.


If you received a OTP (one time pin) via SMS if no changes was made or authorised by yourself, report this to the institution.


What to do if you think that you have fallen prey


Document it: write down the day, time and location.


Report it immediately to the police and the relevant financial institutes. To report credit card fraud to Discovery, call 011 352 5910 or, to report suspicion of fraud or theft of your personal information, email our forensic investigation team.


Change all your online passwords immediately if you suspect that your access has been compromised.

Types of fraud to watch out for on Discovery products

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