parkrun is a non-profit organisation that gives local communities an opportunity to take part in free, weekly, timed 5km runs or walks. We’ve teamed up with Blue Label Telecoms, Dis-Chem and Mr Price Sport to bring parkrun to certain areas in South Africa. In keeping with the global trend towards getting active outdoors, every parkrun takes place in pleasant parkland and outdoor surrounds, whether it’s at a park, along a beach front, or through a beautiful reserve. Anyone of any ability and any fitness level is welcome at the events. Vitality members can earn 300 fitness points for completing a parkrun.

Get started

To register for parkrun and set up a profile, go to and follow the instructions.

Need to know

How do I register for parkrun?

Visit to register. You will be required to complete an online form during the registration process. In order to successfully link your parkrun profile to Discovery Vitality to start earning your fitness points, use this step-by-step guide. Once you have registered, print out your personal barcode and take it with to every parkrun event that you complete. Your barcode will be scanned every time you complete a parkrun and we will award your points accordingly. Your Vitality points will take up to four days to reflect.

Please note: You only need to register once.

How many Vitality points can I earn?

All Discovery Vitality members who have an active membership can register with parkrun and earn 300 Vitality points for completing a parkrun event. Children six years and older who are dependents on their parents’ Discovery Vitality memberships can also earn points towards the overall family policy when they complete a parkrun. All Vitality points earned through parkrun count towards the maximum Vitality points you can earn for getting active. Keep track of all your fitness points earned for parkrun events completed on your Vitality Points Monitor. To earn Vitality points as an individual member, you need to be 18 years or older.

For more information about parkrun and how to earn Vitality points, view the full set of rules.

Get started

To register for parkrun and set up a profile, go to and follow the instructions.

Get Started

How to start earning Vitality points with parkrun

Earning Vitality points with parkrun is easy. Just follow these steps and we'll add your points to your Vitality Points Monitor each time you complete a parkrun.

Step 1
Have your South African ID or passport number handy.

Step 2
Go to to register and follow the instructions to set up a new profile. If you've registered before, you'll need to edit your parkrun profile to add that you are a Vitality member. Use the link provided in your weekly email to edit your profile and remember  to click on Discovery.

You will have to give parkrun your South African ID or passport number when registering for the first time or when editing your profile.

Step 3
When you do a parkrun, make sure your parkrun barcode is scanned and that your results are recorded. Your Vitality points will be updated automatically as long as your results are recorded. Without your barcode, you won't earn Vitality points.

Go to

Your Vitality points for any parkrun will take up to four days to reflect on your Vitality Points Monitor. You’ll earn 300 points a week for getting active. If you've already reached your weekly points limit for a parkrun or you’ve earned the maximum points for getting active for the year, you won't earn points for a parkrun.

It’s that easy, register on and get moving at a park, beach or reserve.

Parkruns start at 08:00 on Saturdays. Visit for a full list of all the venues.

Not sure how to link your Discovery membership to your parkrun profile? Use this step-by-step guide to help you.