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Track your workouts through Vitality using a Samsung device or Android smartphone with the Samsung Health app to earn points based on tracking your steps, speed and average heart rate depending on the capability of your device.

*Please note that you will only start earning fitness device points from the day of linking your device to Vitality.


To start earning points, link your Samsung Health app, get active and get rewarded.
Link your app

Link your app on the Discovery android app

Get Active

Get active and earn points

Get Rewarded

Reach your goals and get rewarded.

What you


  1. Ensure that your Android smartphone has the Samsung Health app installed.
  2. Log into the Discovery app and select Samsung Health from the list of devices under the Devices and apps section.
  3. Choose the data that you would like to share with Vitality and then confirm your connection.
  4. Once you have successfully linked your Samsung Health app click on Done. The Samsung Health app will appear under the list of linked devices and apps.

If you have any problems importing your workout data, please visit Samsung Health for more information.

View the points table under Earn Vitality points below. Please note that Samsung Health only records step data. Vitality will only award points for data types that your specific device model or app tracks. If you link your Samsung Gear Watch via the Samsung Health app you can also earn points for heart rate and speed.

You can find out more on the Help page.

For full set of Samsung Health rules click here.

You will also find a full set of Vitality rules here. If, for any reason, there is a conflict between rules in this benefit guide and the Vitality rules – the Vitality rules will apply at all times.

The foundation of the Vitality programme is accurate, measurable and clinically valid physical activity data. As such points will not be awarded for workouts that have been edited or manually created.
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