EyeGym is a leading software visual training programme which provides a range of online drills suitable for sports training, scholars and corporates.

Discovery Vitality is offering you an exclusive EyeGym course that is customised to children, and awarding Vitality points to your family for engaging with it. The training programme aims to enhance children’s sport and school performance by improving their concentration, reading, spelling, memory and confidence.



Your child will earn the following points for using EyeGym:

  • 1 100 Vitality points for completing a 60 minute session
  • 1 400 Vitality points for completing a 150 minute session

The points will only be valid in the calendar year in which they are earned. There is an annual limit of 2 500 points for each child.

You will need to log in for your child to start an EyeGym course.

What you


Kids aged six to 18 who are dependants on a Vitality policy are able to use this benefit. Children do not need to complete any activities to qualify for this benefit, but parents will need to activate it on the EyeGym website.

The EyeGym Primary course will be available for free for two attempts. If the child is unable to complete the course in two attempts, the main member will have the option to pay for subsequent renewals at a discounted price.

Points will be awarded for daily sessions, and bonus points will be awarded for completing a course.

Customised courses are provided for different age groups:

  • Six to nine years old
  • 10 to 13 years old
  • 14 to 18 years old
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