What you need to know in 2016 about Discovery Vitality

Throughout the year, we focus on bringing you innovative new products and tools to help you to achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle. With the start of 2016, there are also some important changes to the Vitality points system and exciting enhancements to the gym and flight benefits.

Discovery Vitality members have entered 2016 with great enthusiasm to get healthy and get rewarded with Vitality. We are thrilled to have record levels of engagement in our latest benefits, with well over 100 000 members having activated Vitality Active Rewards, and many of these earning their Apple Watch by reaching their fitness goal each week. 

The launch of these exciting benefits has unfortunately resulted in an unprecedented spike in queries from our members that we are working hard to address. If you have had trouble reaching us recently, we apologise. Our call centre is available to assist you, but as you may encounter longer than usual waiting times we’ve captured the answers to the most frequently asked questions to get you up to speed with Vitality in 2016.

Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Active Rewards recommends and measures personalised weekly fitness goals for you, adjusting them automatically based on your activity levels. The goals have been developed with local and international experts in exercise and behavioural economics. You get weekly rewards – a free drink from KAUAI or vida e caffè – when you achieve your goals. You can invite your friends to join and earn additional rewards when you reach your goals together. These benefits are over and above all the current benefits you get from being active.

Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch

Now you can get Apple Watch and use it to achieve your weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals. If you meet all four of your weekly fitness goals in a month, your monthly amount for your Apple Watch will be funded in full. Click here to activate or find out more about the benefit.

Up to 100% off gym membership fees

In addition to earning a free drink at KAUAI or vida e caffè, from the beginning of 2016 members can now earn up to 25% additional cash back on gym fees. This means that members with an active gym membership and who have activated Vitality Active Rewards, can get up to 100% off their monthly gym fees.

You can save up to 100% on your monthly gym fees based on the number of Vitality Active Rewards goals you achieve in a particular month. The base gym saving is changed to 75% for all principal and spouse memberships, unless a member is within their first 12 months of a new contract. Achieve four goals in a month to get 100% off your Virgin Active and Planet Fitness gym fees. The extra saving is paid to you as cash back.

The additional up to 25% saving applies to Virgin Active Club (not Premier or Classic) members and Planet Fitness Local (not National or Platinum) members, and comes into effect on 22 January.

Save up to 100% on local flights – coming soon

You can save up to 100% on local flights (base fare only) based on the number of Active Rewards goals you achieve from the time of booking to the date of departure. The extra saving is paid to you as a cash back.

You will earn an extra 5% cash back for each weekly goal you achieve (you need to achieve four goals to start earning your cash back). The cash back is calculated off the base ticket fare only and can apply to multiple flight bookings. This benefit will come into effect in early 2016.

Activate Vitality Active Rewards by downloading the latest version of The Discovery app today.

What if my points are not reflecting?

For those who have already engaged in Vitality Active Rewards, note that some technical issues are preventing an accurate reflection of points in isolated cases. The Vitality team is working on fixing it, so you can expect all your December and January points to reflect accurately by February, and Vitality will ensure that you and your friends will not lose out on any rewards that would have been awarded to you over this period.

Vitality fitness points systems fix

Please note that we were incorrectly allocating Vitality fitness points last month – speed data should have been capped at a maximum of 600 points per day and calorie data should not have been counted. We have now resolved this error, so you may experience a change in your points earning going forward. We will not be deducting the points we allocated you in error. For more information on how you can earn fitness points, please visit the Discovery app > Vitality Active Rewards > How to achieve your goal > Your fitness devices and apps.

To help make it easier for our members to access device information that is updated on a regular basis, we have now launched our NEW device updates and troubleshooting webpage. Visit this new page for all queries related to your fitness devices, apps and achieving Vitality fitness points.

Should you still need assistance with any device or fitness points queries, you are welcome to email us on fitnessdevices@discovery.co.za for a speedy resolution.

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