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We aim to reduce the long-term health damage caused by poor diet by putting the fun back into nutrition so that individuals and families experience the pleasure of creating meals and making informed, healthier food choices in the process.

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Our Studio

Fresh, seasonal ingredients, real nutrition and sustainable eating all come together with a dash of delicious as part of the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio – a teaching and dining kitchen located in Johannesburg to help ignite a life-long love of healthy, appetising cooking.

Vitality HealthyFood Studio

With a range of cooking courses to inspire both beginners and those who are more advanced in the kitchen, both adults and children can be involved in preparing meals at home to ultimately improve your health and diet quality as a family.Some of the courses on offer include: everything fish, delicious desserts, all about veggies, seasonal defont-300s, food with friends.


Our courses


Nutrition Tips

for a healthy diet

At Vitality we support balanced eating principles – prioritising variety in the diet, limiting refined starches, added sugar and processed foods, reducing intake of certain fats, and a moderate protein intake.

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