Vitality review process

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At Vitality, we are committed to motivating our members to get healthy with a range of benefits that incentivise and encourage you to reach your personal health and fitness goals. We aim to offer you the best possible experience, including high quality service interactions and fair, equitable benefit offerings.

While we always aim to dazzle you and adhere to the regulations set out by the Consumer Protection Act and all other relevant legislation, we have a review process if you ever feel that your individual circumstances warrant an exception to one of our rules or decisions.

This review process can be used, for example, if you cannot attend gym or cannot meet your Vitality Active Rewards goals for medical reasons or due to certain prolonged personal circumstances. A typical resolution in such cases is to pause your goals for a defined period.

If you have such an exception request, you can email us at with your full name, ID number, and issue, with supporting evidence (for example, a medical note). Our formal Discovery Vitality review committee considers applications on a case-by-case basis through a rigorous process aimed at ensuring consistency and fairness in the adjudication of review applications. All requests are reviewed, assessed, and approved or declined, as appropriate. Once a completed application form and all the required supporting documents are submitted for review, a decision will be made within 28 working days of receipt and you will be informed of the outcome.

Please note that Applications to the Vitality review committee are not a guarantee of approval.

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