Discovery Insure

Why join Discovery Insure

We are creating a nation of great drivers

Discovery Insure is committed to creating a nation of great drivers. Discovery Insure encourages safe driving through Vitalitydrive, our unique driving programme that rewards you for driving well. The programme uses DQ-Track, the latest telematics technology, to measure your driving behaviour. If you drive well, you will earn DQ Points and the more DQ Points you earn the greater your rewards are. It’s as simple as that!

You also get access to nationwide stolen vehicle tracking and recovery at no extra cost.

The better you drive the more you are rewarded

Discovery Insure makes it easy to earn great rewards like up to 50% of your BP fuel spend back every month.

You can also choose to boost your rewards and get up to 100% of your BP fuel spend paid into your Excess Funder Account each month. This account can be used to pay your excess if you have any valid car claims.

You can get a 10% discount off all purchases at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Remember the better you drive, the greater the rewards!

You get comprehensive and affordable cover for your car and home

We offer you comprehensive, flexible and affordable insurance options for your car, home and valuable items. We’ll provide you with valuable benefits like paying no excess if you have a car claim caused by theft, hijacking, fire, lightning, explosions, storm, water, rain, hail, snow, flood, earthquakes or malicious damage.

We also make sure if you need to claim, we’ll handle it quickly, fairly and efficiently. We also promise to replace your stolen or lost portable possessions like your laptop, cell phone or tablet within 48 hours or we will waive the excess on your claim.

We keep you and your family safe

As part of our commitment to make South Africa’s roads safer, we offer you a range of safety features. We can detect if your car has been in a severe accident and provide you with immediate emergency assistance if you need it.

Your DQ-Track allows us to monitor your car for abnormal and extreme driving behaviour which allows us to respond immediately if your car is stolen or hijacked.

We’ll also provide you with home security services for up to two nights following a burglary.

You get peace of mind with the Young Adult Benefit

The Young Adult Benefit is exclusively available to drivers who are younger than 26 years old. The Young Adult Benefit provides young drivers with an affordable way to get meaningful feedback on their driving and rewards them for driving well.

With the Young Adult Benefit, drivers get 25% of their monthly car insurance premium paid into a Rewards Fund. After six months they can use their Rewards Card to spend their money. The better they drive, the more money they will have to spend.


Switch to Discovery Insure and earn great rewards

Find out more about Discovery Insure’s comprehensive range of cover options for your car, home and valuable portable possessions. We’ll also show you how easy it is to earn great rewards like up to 50% of your BP fuel spend back.