Discovery Invest

Smart investors choose Discovery Invest because we aim for performance while still offering a level of protection against market volatility. We aim to structure our products to be tax- and fee-efficient.

Why choose Discovery Invest

High performance

We structure our products for performance. For example, we offer a single fund solution to saving for retirement where professional asset managers manage the fund to maximise returns to your specified retirement date. Our broad range of funds gives you the choice on how to diversify your investment and you can analyse your investment online.

Reliable protection

Investors who want a lower risk component to their investment need not sacrifice the opportunity to invest for high returns. With Discovery Invest, you can get guarantees to your products, while the investment remains exposed to high-performing equity markets.

Efficient investing

Invest with Discovery Invest, and you will make best use of the capital you have available. If you integrate your Endowment plan with other Discovery products, you qualify for various fee refunds and boosts to your investments. Investors in annuities can take advantage of Fee Paybacks, which pay back your investment fees – and the growth the fees would have earned - after five or 10 years.