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Get ready to book an exciting trip to your next destination. Vitality members save up to a maximum of 35% (base fare) on flights to over 160 international destinations with Emirates.

How to save on Emirates flights with Vitality travel rewards

Discovery Vitality members, 18 years and older can enjoy various Vitality travel rewards.

The travel savings that you get is based on your Vitality status at the time of making your booking. Join Vitality and save on your Emirates flights (base fare) by booking through You can use your Discovery Miles, Discovery Card or a combination of both, to pay for your Emirates flight bookings.

Travel rewards based on your Vitality status

A Discovery booking fee will be added to all Emirates flights booked using the Vitality travel benefit. International flight bookings made within six weeks of the departure date, will qualify for a flat 10% saving. No usage will be deducted when the booking is made within six weeks of the departure date. To get your maximum international travel saving of up to 35%, you will need to book at least six weeks in advance.

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Your Vitality travel saving allows you to book up to two return international economy class tickets for each Vitality member in a calendar year (including British Airways International International and Qantas flights). This applies to the date of the booking and not the date of the flight.

If you join Vitality more than three months after joining Discovery, you will have to wait three months before you can enjoy your Vitality travel rewards.


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