Curves is a weight loss facility specially designed for women featuring Curves Complete; the only program that includes exercise, meal plans and coaching all in ONE place.

Save up to 100% on the joining fee at Curves if:

  • You are a female Vitality member
  • You are 18 years and older
  • You pay the monthly membership fee

What the Curves benefit offers you

  • You earn 100 Vitality points per workout, per day, up to a maximum of 30 000 Vitality fitness points per year.

What you pay

  • Without CurvesSmart, you pay a monthly membership fee only and no joining fee.
  • With CurvesSmart, you pay a once-off CurvesSmart registration fee and a monthly membership fee.

Need to know

What CurvesSmart offers you:

  • Once-off discounted CurvesSmart registration fee.
  • An advanced personalised electronic coaching system which has been incorporated into the 30-minute circuit workout.
  • Every piece of equipment is programmed with your body’s information to give you moment-by-moment feedback.
  • CurvesSmart automatically adjusts to your body’s endurance level so you can stay continually challenged and work out optimally.

What Curves Complete offers you:

  • Complete weight loss solution! Combines the right exercise with an easy to follow meal plan and 1-on-1 coaching with a Cleveland Clinic certified coach.

Additional rules:

  • Click here to find a Curves club near you.
  • If you have an existing Curves membership, you can contact your Curves gym to make sure your visits are sent to Vitality to earn Vitality points. Your points will take four days to reflect.
  • You can be a member of Virgin Active or Planet Fitness or Run/Walk For Life at the Vitality rates, and you can also join Curves.
  • You will receive a membership key tag upon joining the club. You will need to use this key tag to scan in everyday for your workouts.
  • View a full set of rules for Curves here.

Get Started

  • Choose a Curves club online at
  • You can book a no-obligation consultation to find out more, get a free fitness assessment and a tour of the facility.
  • Sign up and pay the necessary fees.
  • Remember to take along your Discovery membership card and banking details for the monthly fees where applicable.
  • Start enjoying your workouts immediately!