You can earn up to 150 Vitality points for getting active and taking over 10 000 steps a day with a Fitbug step counter. And if you do more than 12 500 steps a day you will earn a bonus 50 points.

Fitbug is the ideal companion for people who don't have the time, energy or motivation to exercise. And it works! Fitbug has helped people from all walks of life achieve goals which they had previously only dreamed of.

Fitbug encourages gradual lifestyle changes rather than fad eating plans or gruelling exercise regimes… all through making realistic lifestyle changes that can be combined into your daily schedule. As a member, you’ll receive a smart little gadget - affectionately called the 'Bug' - which you keep with you during the day. The Bug accurately calculates every step, calories burned, distance covered and more. You earn Vitality points for the steps you take too.

All members 18 years and older on an active Vitality membership can use the Fitbug benefit (A member can only qualify for this benefit when they reach their 18th birthday).

Buy a Fitbug

You can buy a Fitbug on the VitalityMall on under the “Sport & Wellness” section.

Upload your step data to earn Vitality Points

After successfully registering your Fitbug profile you will need to download the Bug Manager from You will then be able to upload your activity data onto and start earning Vitality points. Make sure you upload your step data to your Fitbug web profile on a regular basis so you can earn Vitality points.

We count your steps daily

  • Fitbug records the steps you take on a daily basis. Once you have uploaded your data to your Fitbug profile we will award you points for the steps you have taken each day.
  • Points take one week to show on your Vitality membership after uploading your step data to

Vitality points you earn

 ActivityPoints earned
Ready, step, go!Walk 10 000 to 12 499 steps a day150 points a day

Bonus fitness points

 ActivityPoints earned
Step activeWalk 12 500 or more steps a day50 Bonus points a day

The points earned by using Fitbug count towards your maximum Vitality Fitness points. Each adult can earn up to 15 000 Vitality Fitness points and another 24 000 bonus fitness points each year.

Buy a Fitbug 

You can buy a Fitbug on the VitalityMall on under the “Sport & Wellness” section.

Register your Fitbug 

  1. Fitbug will send you an email with your login information as well as information on how to download the Bug Manager and upload your step data.
  2. Go to to log onto your account.
  3. Complete the online registration and accept the Fitbug Terms & Conditions.

To view a copy of the rules click here . For more information email or call 0860 99 88 77.