Discovery Vitality members experience the magic of cinema for less in 2D or 3D at selected Ster-Kinekor theatres, Cine Prestige, IMAX or Cine Nouveau by:

  • Activating your Vitality Ster-Kinekor movie benefit on or at your nearest cinema.
  • Or contact them on 0861 668 437.
  • Choose between:
    • Paying R41 for each Vitality member that activates a movie card.
    • Or get the Vitality Ster-Kinekor Digital card for FREE and always have your movie card on your iPhone or Android smartphone

Kids watch movies for free if:

  • They are older than two and younger than 18 years old.
  • The movie starts before 7pm.
  • A Kids Vitality Health Review for your child has been completed.
  • Children older than 13 can also get a Vitality Ster-Kinekor Digital Card on the Passbook app on their iPhone or in the Discovery app on their Android smartphone.
  • Simply register your child on the website and use these details to download the Discovery app and to get their free Digital Card.

Need to Know

Free movies for kids

  • Children older than two and younger than 18 years old can watch movies that start before 7pm for free.
  • Kids also get their own super cool Vitality Kids Ster-Kinekor movie card for R41.
  • To qualify, complete a Kids Vitality Health Review for your child every rolling 12 month period.
  • Once you complete a Kids Vitality Health Review for your child, the free movie benefit is available for 12 months.
  • You need to get your Vitality points for the Kids Vitality Health Review before Ster-Kinekor system will recognise that your child qualifies for the benefit.
  • The Vitality points take 72 hours to reflect and only then can you activate the Vitality Ster-Kinekor movie benefit.
  • You can check this on your Vitality Points Monitor.
  • Your child cannot watch the same movie twice for free.

Discounted movies for adults:

  • You can see a movie only once at the Vitality price.
  • You pay a R29 card fee if you lose or damage your Vitality Ster-Kinekor movie card.
  • TicketLine charges a standard booking fee.
  • You must show your movie or digital card at the cinema to get the Vitality rate.
  • The cost of 3D glasses are excluded.
  • You can also book online and simply insert your Vitality Ster-Kinekor movie card number when you book.
  • Click here to view ticket price per cinema.
  • Discovery Card holders can use their Discovery Miles to pay for movies online through discovery/mall.

View a full set of rules for Ster-Kinekor here.

Get Started

How to download the FREE Vitality Ster-Kinekor Digital card:

  • Download the Discovery app onto your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Register or log into the Discovery app and select the ‘Draw Nav’.
  • Select ‘Digital cards’ and accept the terms and conditions to view available passes.
  • Add a ‘Profile image’ to your Digital Card.
  • For iPhone Users you can view your Digital Card in the Discovery app or click ‘Add to Digital Wallet’ to move the Digital Card to you Apple Wallet app.
  • For Android Users you can view your Digital Card in the Discovery app.
  • Use your Vitality Ster-Kinekor Digital Card number, on your Passbook app for iPhone users or your Discovery app for Android users to make a booking.
  • All Vitality Ster-Kinekor card numbers for you and your family members will be added to your Digital Card, so you can book movies for everyone.

How to activate the Vitality Ster-Kinekor card:

  • Visit your nearest cinema
  • Pay R41
  • A Ster-Kinekor assistant will take a photo of you and place it on the back of the card that they will issue to you.