Weigh Less



You can join Weigh-Less South Africa for 30% less than the standard rate, regardless of your Vitality status. When you join Weigh-Less, you’ll earn 1 000 Vitality points for having a weight assessment if you haven’t earned points already that year.

The Weigh-Less philosophy is to equip and empower individuals to lose, and maintain weight loss, the healthy way. 

As soon as you reach your goal weight, you can fax your goal weight certificate to Vitality on 011 539 7347 and earn 4000 bonus points.

  • Each adult on Vitality will earn 1 000 Vitality points for having a weight assessment. If your body mass index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 25 and your waist circumference is less than 88 cm (for woman) or 102 cm (for men), you’ll earn 4 000 bonus points for being at your goal weight.
  • You can also earn these Vitality points as part of your Vitality Fitness Assessment, Vitality Nutrition Assessment or Vitality Check in the Vitality Wellness Network.
  • View a full set of rules for Weighless

Step 1: Find your nearest branch

Call Weigh-Less directly on 0861 100 551 or visit www.weigh-less.co.za. Weigh-Less will tell you when and where your closest group meets.

Step 2: Go to your first meeting

Remember to take your Discovery membership card and identity document with you.

Step 3: Claim your Vitality points

You’ll get a certificate for your initial weight assessment and another certificate once you reach your goal weight. Either fax your certificates to Vitality on 011 539 7347 or scan a copy and email it to claimvitalitypoints@discovery.co.za for Vitality to award your points.