Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Active Rewards recommends and tracks your personalised weekly fitness goals, adjusting them dynamically based on your activity levels. Get weekly rewards when you achieve your goals.


Get active

With Vitality Active Rewards, you're set a personalised weekly goal to motivate you to get active more regularly, and challenge you to keep moving in a variety of ways. Here are all the ways to achieve your Vitality fitness points to achieve your weekly goals.

Get rewarded

Vitality Active Rewards gives you a free reward for achieving your fitness goal each week. Plus, keep getting active to get even more rewarded.

Weekly rewards

Earn weekly rewards like a free coffee, smoothie or popcorn for achieving your fitness goal. During Vitality MoveToGive campaigns, you can choose to donate your reward to a person in need.

Surprise rewards

Keep getting active and achieve 3 goals in a row for a goal streak to earn a surprise reward. Once achieved, spin the wheel to win exciting prizes like dream holidays, local trips, shopping rewards and more. View our surprise reward partners in the Discovery app.


Get Apple Watch.

Get active.

Get rewarded.

Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch, exclusively for Discovery Vitality members.

Vitality Active Rewards



Reach your Vitality Active Rewards goals to get up to 100% total saving on your base ticket fare in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Book on

Vitality Active Rewards members can book a local flight using your Vitality details. You’ll save based on your Vitality status.

Step 2: Activate on

Once booked, log in to boost your flight booking. You can boost a maximum of 2 bookings a year

Step 3: Earn cash back

Achieve at least 6 of your weekly goals to unlock your Flight Booster saving and you'll earn 30% cash back. Earn an extra 5% cash back for every extra goal you achieve.

How it works

Your cash back applies to the total base-fare saving. This applies to one flight booking at a time.

  • Up to


    Upfront saving based on your Vitality status





    Achieve at least 6 of your weekly goals to unlock 30%

    Up to


    Earn an additional 5% for each extra goal up to 100%


Please note: Book on using your Vitality details. All booked flights must be flights to qualify and may take up to two hours to reflect here. British Airways (operated by Comair) flights are not eligible for the Flight Booster and may not form part of the booking. If you have booked a British Airways flight and would like to amend your flight information in order to boost your flight, cancel the booking and make a new booking rather than changing your flight details. Goals achieved prior to boosting do not count towards your cash back. Terms and conditions apply.

Vitality Active Rewards

booster benefits
Vitality Active Rewards Shoe Booster

Activate Shoe Booster and get up to 100% total cash back on your qualifying running shoes purchased from your preferred HealthyGear partner, Sportsmans Warehouse or Totalsports. Your cash back is made up of up to 25% with HealthyGear and up to 75% with Shoe Booster and is paid monthly over 12 months.

Note: A R350 activation fee is required to activate the Shoe Booster benefit before you buy your qualifying running shoes from your preferred HealthyGear partner. You will also qualify for free membership to Team Vitality Running 2018 which includes your choice of a Team Vitality running shirt or vest as well as other great benefits. Activate Shoe Booster from the Discovery app.

If you activated and paid for the Shoe Booster benefit during our club renewals period (from 1 November 2017), you qualify for free Team Vitality Running membership for 2018. This excludes an ASA running licence (R100 in our licensed regions). If you previously took up the free Team Vitality offer in 2017, it is no longer valid. You will now need to pay for your 2018 membership.
Achieve your monthly Vitality Active Rewards goals to get your cash back


Activate Vitality Active Rewards in the Discovery App today.

Download the Discovery app today!

You’ll need the latest version of the Discovery app to join Vitality Active Rewards.



Earn Vitality fitness points for getting active to achieve your weekly goals.

Your weekly fitness goals are personalised to you and adjust automatically based on your physical activity history, your health risk, and your previous goal achievements. Keep working towards your goal and be rewarded for achieving it.


What you


Vitality Active Rewards is only available to Vitality members 18 years and older with an active Vitality membership. Terms and conditions apply.

All active Vitality members can receive an upfront discount on certain flights with selected airlines. Only members over the age of 18 may make the booking. You can boost your flights for yourself or for other members on the policy provided none of the travellers have reached their usage limit of 2 boosts per calendar year. Once a booking has been boosted, it cannot be reversed. Any active Vitality Active Rewards member may use this benefit – you have to be over the age of 18 to activate Vitality Active Rewards. Flight Booster does not apply to Life with Active Rewards members and you are only eligible for Flight Booster if you have not reached your cap of two bookings per calendar year.

Your cash back is calculated based on the number of Vitality Active Rewards goals you achieve between activating Flight Booster and your departure. Once your flight is booked and Flight Booster activated, the first goal achieved will count towards your cash back. Flight Booster is activated after you have achieved the first six goals after boosting at which time you qualify for 30% cash back. Achieve more goals to add to your cash back. Goals do not need to be achieved consecutively. Your cash back depends on your Vitality status and upfront discount at the time of booking and the number of goals achieved between booking and departing. Cash backs will be paid into your current Vitality cash back account after the goal cycle on your billing date, at least six weeks after the departure date of the last flight on your booking.

To activate the Gym Booster benefit you need to be on Vitality Active Rewards with an active gym membership at Planet Fitness or Virgin Active. The Gym Booster benefit only applies to Virgin Active Club (not Premier or Classic) members and Planet Fitness Local (not National or Platinum) members who have maintained high gym usage of 36 gym visits in a 12-month rolling period. If you activated your gym benefit before 2010 and are currently saving 100% on your membership or your spouse’s membership, you are not eligible for the Gym Booster benefit.

The Vitality Active Rewards Shoe Booster benefit allows you to earn up to 100% cash back on a new pair of qualifying running shoes from Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports. Activate your HealthyGear benefit and your Shoe Booster benefit, and achieve your weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals to earn monthly cash back for your running shoes. 

The Shoe Booster benefit is available to any member on the Vitality policy, who is 18 years and older and who has activated Vitality Active Rewards and the HealthyGear benefit. For more information about Vitality Active Rewards, please visit this page.

You reach your goal by earning Vitality fitness points in various ways, like visiting fitness partners or tracking a workout by linking a fitness device or app to your Vitality account. Goals are tailored to you and are recalculated weekly based on past performance. You'll be able to track your progress as you work on reaching a goal.

Go to a reward partner with your smartphone and let the cashier scan the QR code of your selected reward on your app. You can also manually enter the code underneath the QR code at the till point. For some partners, you will need to email the email address supplied on your pass in order to receive your voucher/reward.

Achieve 3 goals in a row for a goal streak to earn a surprise reward. Once achieved, spin the wheel to win exciting prizes.

Click here for more Vitality Active Rewards FAQ.