Vitality Weight Loss Rewards

Vitality Weight-Loss Rewards has come to an end to make way for our fresh, exciting Weight Management programme which will offer you even bigger rewards.

Lose weight
Get rewarded

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to good health. If, after a verified weigh-in, your Body Mass Index or the combination of your Body Mass Index and waist circumference are above the recommended healthy range, Vitality will help you select a weight-loss goal.

Up to 50%

Additional HealthyFood cash back

Up to 2 500

Vitality points

Activate Vitality Weight Loss Rewards to help you lose weight in short, manageable cycles until you reach your recommended healthier weight. You will earn rewards for participating and for reaching your goals.


How does it work?

Earn Vitality points for regular, weekly engagement and achieving your weight-loss goals. Plus earn up to 50% additional HealthyFood cash back for achieving your goal.

The Vitality Weight Loss Rewards cycle:

Get started

To get started go for a verified weigh-in by either:

  • Doing your Vitality Health Check at your closest Discovery store or wellness center or
  • Visiting a pharmacy or biokineticist in the Vitality Wellness network.

Then activate Vitality Weight Loss Rewards on the Discovery app.

  • Download the app

How to get up to 50%
HealthyFood cash back

Your cash back increase applies to your current HealthyFood cash back percentage. Your HealthyFood benefit must be active and you must have a valid cash back account in order to get your additional cash back.

Up to


Activate HealthyFood, find out your Vitality Age and do a Vitality Health Check to get up to 25% cash back.


Up to


Get up to 25% additional HealthyFood cash back, depending on how much weight you lose.


Up to


This gives you up to 50% of your HealthyFood cash back for three months.

Please note: The additional cash back can only be earned once and is only active for 3 months from the day it is earned.

Vitality Points

Earn Vitality Points for participating in Vitality Weight Loss Rewards

Earn 250 Vitality points the first time you activate Vitality Weight Loss Rewards.

Earn 20 Vitality points for logging your weight once a week.

Earn up to 2 500 Vitality points for achieving your goals.

If you choose to do your weekly weigh-in at a verified partner, you will earn 100 Vitality points for that weigh-in, up to a maximum of 1 200 per cycle. Please be aware that there may be a cost for this weigh-in.

We recommend losing up to 1kg a week. Remember to follow safe weight-loss practices.