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Get healthy. Get rewarded. Get Vitality.

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Vitality provides the tools and support you need to improve your health and offers great incentives to motivate you all the way.

Do you know how healthy
you really are?

Take your health into your own hands and find out your Vitality Age to see how healthy you are compared to your actual age.

Go for check-ups and understand more about your health with the Vitality Health Check and various other Vitality assessments.

Shop for personal care products


Get up to 25% cash back on HealthyCare products, including preventive care and everyday personal and family care items.

Let’s get you eating healthier

Get cash back on your HealthyFood

Fill your basket with healthy food items and get up to 25% cash back.

Reach and maintain your goal weight

Activate Vitality Weight Loss Rewards, reach your goal weight and get up to 50% HealthyFood cash back.

Cooking inspiration from the HealthyFood Studio

Book your course today and unleash your inner chef with fun and interactive cooking courses at the HealthyFood Studio.

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Get top nutrition tips for a healthy diet

Vitality supports a balanced eating plan that includes a variety of food groups with nutritious ingredients, and limits those that are less healthy.

Get active in a variety of ways

Walk, run, cycle, swim, golf, race ... Vitality offers you many ways to get fit. Join a health club, link a fitness device to track your activity, take part in race events and join Team Vitality, our running and cycling club.


Gym, on us, every month

Save up to 75% on your monthly gym fees.
Boost your savings up to 100% with Vitality Active Rewards.


Gym, on us, every month

Save up to 75% on your monthly gym fees.
Boost your savings up to 100% with Vitality Active Rewards.

Activate Vitality Active Rewards

With Vitality Active Rewards, you’re set a personalised weekly goal to motivate you to get active more regularly, and challenge you to keep moving.

You can earn fitness points in a way that suits your interests and lifestyle.

Earn weekly rewards

Vitality Active Rewards gives you a free reward for achieving your physical activity goal for that week.

Earn surprise rewards

Achieve your goal 3 times in a row to earn a surprise reward. There are rewards at every level, ranging from a coffee or a smoothie, to shopping rewards and even dream international holidays.


Get up to 100% back on a pair of running shoes.


Join SA’s most popular running and cycling club

More than 15 000 runners and cyclists are part of Team Vitality and get:

  • Exclusive VIP hospitality
  • Quality running and cycling kit every two years.
  • Up to 50% cash back on selected races

Not a Discovery or Vitality member? You can still join Team Vitality. Find out more about how to join SA’s most popular running and cycling club.

Track and measure your activity

Log your workout at an approved fitness facility 

Up to 100 points per day

Use your Vitality-linked fitness device or app to earn points 

Up to 300 points per day

Save up to 100% on the joining fee at Curves 

Up to 100 points per day

Save 80% at Run/Walk For Life 

Up to 300 points per day

Vitality timed race events 

Up to 3 000 points per event

Free 5km parkrun 

Up to 300 points per day

Round of golf 

Up to 100 points per day

Allen Carr's Easyway To Stop Smoking

Stop smoking today with Allen Carr's Easyway, Vitality’s expert stop smoking partner. All Vitality members receive an unbelievable 80% discount as well as their unique guarantee.

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