Introducing our exciting new benefit, Vitality Weight Loss Rewards

It’s here! Vitality Weight Loss Rewards has launched.

As you know, the prevalence of obesity in South Africa, as well as its associated health risks, is rising rapidly. As a positive step towards shifting the trend, we have launched Vitality Weight Loss Rewards – an intervention to help overweight and obese Vitality members modify unhealthy behaviour by using tracking and incentives to encourage weight-loss that is safe and sustainable.

What is Vitality Weight Loss Rewards?

Vitality Weight Loss Rewards (WLR) is a weight-loss journey that aims to help members lose weight in short, manageable cycles until they reach a healthier weight. They will earn rewards for participating and for reaching their goals.

If, after a verified weigh-in, a member’s Body Mass Index (BMI) or the combination of their BMI and waist circumference is above the recommended healthy range, Vitality will recommend that they join Vitality Weight Loss Rewards and will set a clinically-appropriate weight-loss goal for them.

How does Vitality Weight Loss Rewards work?

Members who are eligible for WLR and wish to join, should follow the below steps

  1. Download the Discovery app. They must make sure they have the latest version.
  2. Navigate to ‘Vitality’ and activate WLR. During activation, they will be set a ‘recommended healthier weight’, which is the required weight to achieve over the course of their WLR journey. They will earn 250 Vitality points the first time they activate WLR.
  3. They must then select a personalised weight-loss goal for their first 12-week cycle.
    - The maximum weight we will ever recommend the member to lose will be11.5kg in a 12-week cycle.
  4. They will self-track their weight-loss weekly, and earn 20 Vitality points for doing so
  5. Members who reach their first goal will enjoy cash back of up to 50% of your HealthyFood spend for 3 months, and up to 2 500 Vitality points.
  6. They will then move on to their next cycle, and will complete as many cycles as they need to reach their recommended healthier weight.

Your role in supporting Vitality Weight Loss Rewards members

We believe that your expertise is essential in helping members understand the importance of staying physically active. On the Discovery app and in our member communications throughout the weight-loss journey, we actively encourage them to visit a biokineticist and learn more about exercising safely and effectively.

You can submit the results of a members verified weigh-in on the HP Zone.

To learn more about how Vitality Weight Loss Rewards works, have a look at the WLR benefit guide or FAQs on . If a member has any queries, please direct them to log a query here or on We thank you for the role you’ll play in helping members lose weight safely and sustainably, to the better health of South African society as a whole.


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