Weight Watchers

The Vitality Weight Watchers S.A. benefit ended on Wednesday 8 November 2017. This means that Vitality members can no longer get 30% off a Weight Watchers S.A. membership.


Get 30% off the current 12-week membership offering when you join Weight Watchers S.A. through Vitality, regardless of your Vitality status.

You earn 150 Vitality points for your weigh-ins each week. Plus you can earn thousands of Vitality points when you reach a healthy weight. Points for weight assessment are allocated as part of the Vitality Health Check, however, your weekly weigh in results will be taken from Weight Watchers S.A.

You can earn up to 20 000 Vitality points when you do your Vitality Health Check, depending on how many results are in range. In order for your weight assessment to be in range you need to have a BMI of between 24.9 and 29.9, and a waist circumference that is within the healthy range for your gender (94cm or less for men, and 80cm or less for women).

Once the 12 weeks have passed, you can either pay for another 12 weeks, or you can stay a member on a month-to-month basis. Children between 10 and 15 can also join Weight Watchers at the reduced rate with written consent from their GP.

Get started

To find your nearest branch, call Weight Watchers S.A. on 0861 113 225 or send an email to info@weightwatchers.co.za.

Need to know


  • You'll have to complete a membership form at your initial Weight Watchers S.A. meeting. The Group Leader can assist you with this when you pay your discounted joining fee.
  • Remember to take your Discovery Vitality membership card and ID with you when you join.
  • The Group Leader will record your weight and calculate your daily points allocated for food intake according to your height and weight.
  • You'll need to attend meetings once-a-week (duration 30 to 60 minutes). You will be weighed by the Group Leader and your weight loss recorded.
  • Various weight-loss topics and maintenance will be discussed at each weekly session, in addition to a motivational item prepared by the Group Leader. The programme material includes tips on nutrition, cooking, exercise and how to stay motivated.
  • Weight Watchers S.A. will keep your weight confidential.
  • View a full set of rules for Weight Watchers S.A. here.

Get Started

Find your nearest Group Meeting by calling Weight Watchers S.A. on 0861 113 225 or by sending an email to info@weightwatchers.co.za. Weight Watchers S.A. will direct you to a class closest to you.