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Get innovative business cover, including cover for the risks of today

We have partnered with the following companies to help you, as a Discovery Business Insurance client, manage the evolving risks facing your business including cyber risks, reputational risks and legal risks.

Protect your business against cyber-attacks with AVeS Cyber Security

Who is AVeS Cyber Security?

AVeS Cyber Security specialises in IT governance and architectural services, combining expert knowledge, services and leading technology products to give comprehensive information security and advanced IT infrastructure solutions. With 20 years of experience, AVeS Cyber Security has honed their solutions and services to help Southern African businesses future-proof their IT environments against the constantly evolving threat landscape while achieving their digital transformation aspirations. The company offers a leading portfolio of professional services, products, and training in security, infrastructure and governance solutions.

How our cyber insurance offering benefits your business

Our cyber insurance cover provides a holistic approach by assisting you to both understand and mitigate the cyber risks facing your business. South Africans lose more than R2.2 billion to internet fraud and phishing attacks a year1. This emphasises the importance of this cover for South African businesses.

As part of our insurance offering, you can get cyber cover to protect your business against losses you or a third party may incur as a result of an insured cyber event. Through our partnership with AVeS Cyber Security, you can also get access to cyber protection

Protection/ Benefit Basic Protection
Protection package
Advanced Protection
Risk assessment
Monthly PC health report  Basic  Advanced  Advanced
Antivirus and endpoint protection  Basic  Advanced  Advanced
Remote assistance  Limited  Limited  Advanced
Basic document backup    
Complete and continuous backup of PC  

For every R15 000 of cyber cover, you will get a basic protection package at no additional cost.


Get additional protection against phishing and other cyber threats with
AVeS Cyber Security

Get access to Microsoft Office protection, with Kaspersky Security

We have enhanced our cyber offering to give you additional protection against the increased cyber risk exposure businesses are facing in the modern world. You can now get the Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 package which provides anti-phishing, anti-spam and anti-malware protection, as well as attachment filtering, which lets you set up rules to filter what types of email attachments to allow and block on their mail server.

You can get this security package at no additional cost for the first six months and at a 30% discounted rate thereafter. AVeS Cyber Security will also provide the necessary support services to set up the Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 package. This service is available at no additional cost for the first 50 users per insured business.

As a special offer, clients whose insurance cover starts between 1 July and 31 December 2020 will get the Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 at no additional cost for 12 months for five users per insured business.

Get access to digital platforms that enable seamless collaboration

You can also get access to the Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic package which includes online access to Outlook and Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint to help you and your staff work remotely.

You get access to this package at no additional cost for the first six months and at a 20% discount rate thereafter.  AVeS Cyber Security will also provide the necessary support services to help you set up the Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic package. This service is available at no additional cost to the first 50 users per insured business.

You get access to dedicated IT support services

In addition, all Discovery Business Insurance clients get access to a dedicated IT support service offered through AVeS Cyber Security. This service will provide you with expertise that will help you to resolve IT issues quickly to minimise interruptions to your business.

Offer period

The above benefits for Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic are available to clients who sign up for these packages between 1 July to 31 December 2020.

The IT support services benefit is available at no additional cost from 1 July to 31 December 2020.

How to sign up

You can sign up for these packages and access the IT services using any one of the following channels:

For more details on the enhancements to our cyber offering, click here.

Manage your business’s reputation during a crisis with Edelman

Who is Edelman?

Edelman is a leading, global communications marketing firm that partners with many of the world’s largest emerging businesses and organisations, helping them evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.
Edelman believes that earning their partners’ lasting trust is the secret to their success, that it’s the best counter to competitors and consumer indifference. Having started as a public relations pioneer, Edelman’s business now includes communications marketing, advisory services, and digital strategies and solutions. The diverse team at Edelman consists of strategists, creators and counsellors to give you in-depth expertise.

How our crisis and reputation management cover benefits your business

Our crisis and reputation management offering provides cover in the event that a crisis occurs which jeopardises your business’s reputation. When you select Public Liability cover, you will automatically get R50 000 of crisis and reputation management cover.

The cover amount can be used to purchase consultation services from Edelman who will assist you in managing the crisis and the reputation of your business. Edelman has a 24/7 call centre support service which offers immediate crisis control.

Services offered include:

  • Media monitoring
  • Issues audit
  • Media relations management
  • Communications strategy
  • Speech writing
    • Briefing the key stakeholders, including the CEO
    • Issuing a company holding statement in the press or on social media
    • Internal communication to staff
    • Communication to customers and other stakeholders.

Get the legal support your business needs with Updraft

Who is Updraft?

Updraft is a contract management platform backed by an experienced team of advocates and attorneys who work hand-in-hand with top information technology specialists to deliver the most advanced range of document creation, management, compliance and legal support solutions available in the market today.

With more than nine years of collaborative systems development, their legal and professional drafting and contract management solutions allow you to take control of the way in which your company documents are created, amended, stored and secured.

How our legal support cover helps your business

Our legal support benefit provides affordable, quality legal services to businesses. This benefit is automatically included in all Plans to help businesses with their day to day legal issues. The benefit includes:

  • Access to legal support at any time during business hours
  • A Business Legal Review that checks your compliance and risk management
  • Online contract drafting services

As a Discovery Business Insurance client, you get access to online legal services managed by Updraft, including drafting services for the following business agreements:

  • Employment agreement
  • Acknowledgement of debt agreement
  • Service provider agreement
  • Deed of suretyship
  • Sale of property agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement

Get rewarded with our Vitality Drive for Business programme

Join Vitality Drive for Business and install a telematics device in each of your vehicles to help us measure driving behaviour and reward you and your drivers for good driving

To measure and reward good driving behaviour, your insured business vehicles each have to be fitted with a telematics device. You have the option of installing one of the following telematics devices:

Discovery Insure’s smartphone-enabled DQ-Track

Visit your nearest participating Tiger Wheel & Tyre branch to install or collect the smartphone enabled DQ-Track devices. Drivers with compatible smartphones must download the Discovery Insure driving app and link with the Vitality Drive Sensor to start earning a driving score.

Drivers will receive immediate feedback on their driving behaviour through the app. They can also compete with other drivers on a leaderboard and easily view and redeem their Active Rewards.

The smartphone-enabled DQ-Track offers you access to our state of the art fleet portal to help you improve your driving behaviour. It also offers you a range of vehicle safety features including Impact Alert, weather warnings, the ability to track your vehicles in real time and a vehicle panic button – which turns the driver’s phone into a panic button that allows immediate assistance in the event of a vehicle emergency.


Approved third-party devices

Clients using compatible Ctrack and Netstar devices will be able to continue using these devices, but they will have to give us permission to access their driving information.

These businesses will be able to earn rewards. However, they will not have access to the fleet portal and safety features that are offered with the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track. Their drivers will also not get real-time feedback on their driving behaviour and will have limited Active Rewards options.

Join Vitality Drive for Business and your drivers can enjoy great weekly rewards for driving well

Through Vitality Drive for Business, your company’s drivers get rewarded for good driving behaviour. Drivers get weekly Active Rewards if they achieve a driving score of 70 or more and have driven more than 100 km in the same week.

Active Rewards are offered through the following partners:

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