Discovery for Business

Discovery for Business is a shared-value employer product that offers a full suite of insurance, financial and wellness products for businesses, consisting of employee benefits, risk solutions and integrated corporate benefits with Vitality as the foundation. We use the expertise built in our health, insurance and wellness businesses to contribute to healthier, more sustainable businesses in South Africa.

For employers and businesses, our shared-value insurance model helps address the key business risk areas that have the highest potential to improve our society and economy over the long term - the health of our workforce, the financial resilience of individuals and businesses, and the future viability of businesses.


Discovery Health offers a range of healthcare cover products (Gap cover, Flexicare and Healthy company) to suit your needs, including medical scheme cover from Discovery Health Medical Scheme.


Prepaid Health For Employees

Discovery Prepaid Health allows employers to make healthcare services available to employees. Discovery Prepaid Health provides a digital vouchering solution for the purchasing and sharing of healthcare services on a pre-paid basis at rates that are below current private healthcare rates, supported by a wide distribution network and free-to-use digital platform.


Retirement Funds

Discovery Invest offers tailored retirement funding solutions for your employees that can be tailored to suit your unique business needs.


Group Risk

Our Group Risk product offers a range of risk cover benefits that protect your employees and their families against life's uncertainties, while rewarding them for getting healthier.


Business Insurance

Discovery Business Insurance is comprehensive, technology-enabled business insurance, offering businesses cover for the risks of today and fast recovery following a claim.


Business Assurance

Discovery's Business Life Plan allows business owners to select cover for disability, severe illness and death, through a range of comprehensive benefits, ensuring that your business is protected.



Discovery Vitality incentivises and rewards employees for engaging in healthy behaviour. It's been proven that Vitality members live longer and are less likely to develop lifestyle-related diseases.


Healthy Company

Healthy Company is our digitally-enabled, comprehensive employee assistance programme that proactively supports both at-risk employees and those that are well.


Gap Cover

Our Gap Cover product ensures your employees are protected against unforeseen medical expenses.



Flexicare provides quality, affordable access to primary healthcare for employees who are unable to access medical scheme benefits. Flexicare offers a truly innovative, integrated healthcare product to complement the existing healthcare solutions available to employees.

Discovery COVID-19 Business Support

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting society on many levels, and businesses both large and small are required to manage an unprecedented operating environment.

Discovery Health has developed a comprehensive set of COVID-19 support services to assist employers and their management teams in formulating and executing an effective response to COVID-19 as employees return to work, given the importance of protecting employees, and ensuring the continuity of their operations.

The COVID-19 Business Support services, the contact centre, and reporting and management of COVID-19 cases will be discontinued from 1 April 2022. If you need additional information about COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 hub on our website, more information on the updated protocols, please refer to National Department of Health circular update.

Employers with Healthcare, Group Risk and Retirement Funds products can access Integrated Corporate Benefits

Employers who have Discovery products across Healthcare, Group Risk and Retirement Funds, can now integrate these products to access Integrated Corporate Benefits and unlock additional value for their employees, creating a healthier, more productive and financially secure.

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