Group risk solutions for your employees

Discovery Group Risk aims to protect your employees and their families from unforeseen circumstances while rewarding them for getting healthier. With improved health, your employees claim less, meaning that we can return the savings to your employees through improved pricing and superior benefits.

Tailored solutions for unique needs

You can choose the benefits offered and the amount of protection you want to provide to your employees.
Select benefits are underpinned by Vitality, which allows employees to receive additional rewards and wellness benefits.

Powerful behavioural rewards

By encouraging your employees and their families to live healthier lives, we improve their quality of life and productivity, and reward them through increased cover.

When aligning with the medical schemes administered by Discovery Health as well as Vitality, we are able to reward healthier employees with paybacks.

The payback is further doubled should the employee choose to reinvest it in the Discovery Retirement Funds.
Find out more about our Retirement Funds solutions

Features of our Group Risk Life Plan

Protection for children's education

Our Global Education Protector benefit is automatically included for all employees whose life cover is at least two times their annual salary. It can also be extended to private schooling, depending on the employee's Vitality status, and even to selected overseas universities.

Protection from financial burden for family members

Our Life Cover Benefit gives broader cover at a lower cost.

Our Funeral Benefit can provide cover for the member only, for the member and their immediate family (up to three spouses and five children) or for their extended family (up to ten family members).

Protection from the financial challenges that result from a life changing event

Our Income Continuation Benefit pays a monthly amount if the employee is unable to work along with other value added benefits.

Our Capital Disability Benefit does not reduce (?taper?) over the period of cover.

Our Severe Illness Benefit covers a broad range of impairment conditions and automatically includes cover for the employee?s children.

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