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Get healthy. Drive well. Get rewarded.

Vitality is the world’s leading science-based behavioural change programme that encourages healthy activity among employees and rewards them for it.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle being more enjoyable, its been proven that Vitality Health members live longer and are less likely to develop lifestyle-related diseases. Added to this, Vitality Drive members have fewer and less severe road accidents.

Discovery Vitality rewards your employees for living well by encouraging them to exercise regularly, eat well and do relevant health checks.

Use the Vitality Calculator to understand how your employees can earn points as they get healthy with Vitality. You will also get an understanding of the rewards they can enjoy along the way.

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Physical wellbeing is assessed through a holistic set of screenings and a lifestyle questionnaire covering nutrition habits, smoking and alcohol consumption, exercise habits, and stress.

Employees are classified as high-risk if their key health metrics are out of range and will be referred to their doctor for further advice and treatment.

From discounted movies, flights, cash back on your groceries, fuel, weekly rewards and more, being healthier and driving well has never been more rewarding for your employees.

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Get healthy. Drive well. Get rewarded.
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