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Discovery Vitality harnesses the power of shared value to create healthier, and more productive workplaces for sustainable businesses. By providing the tools to incentivise and reward healthy behaviour, Discovery Vitality has proven members are less likely to develop lifestyle-related diseases, reducing absenteeism and creating a healthier, more productive workforce.

Discovery Vitality rewards your employees for living well by encouraging them to exercise regularly, eat well and do relevant health checks.

Use the Vitality Calculator to understand how your employees can earn points as they get healthy with Vitality. You will also get an understanding of the rewards they can enjoy along the way.

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Physical wellbeing is assessed through a holistic set of screenings and a lifestyle questionnaire covering nutrition habits, smoking and alcohol consumption, exercise habits, and stress.

Employees are classified as high-risk if their key health metrics are out of range and will be referred to their doctor for further advice and treatment.

Enjoy exciting rewards with our Vitality reward partners:

Weekly rewards for getting active, savings on monthly gym fees, local and international travel savings, rewards on grocery purchases, discounts on fitness devices, and so much more.

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Here's a snippet of what your employees can enjoy on Vitality:

Vitality is made up of 3 programmes:

Each programme offers your employees great incentives and rewards for taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, better driving or more responsible spending. But when combined, they offer unprecedented rewards that integrate seamlessly into their lifestyles.

The Vitality Health programme

Get rewarded for living well

The Vitality Drive programme

Get rewarded for driving well

The Vitality Money programme

Get rewarded for banking well

Ways to earn Vitality health points

Download the latest Discovery Vitality brochure to find out more about the programme.


What our members say about us

Mpedi Keetse

"I find running therapeutic and it helps me lose weight faster. I doubt I would be where I am now without all my benefits from Vitality"

Mpedi Keetse

Ros Karamba

"Vitality travel rewards helps to make my dreams come true, I went to Paris, paying less than R11 000 for two return tickets."

Ros Karamba

Tony Calitz

"Finding out that I was diabetic by doing a Vitality Health Check was one of the best things that's happened to me. I'm healthier now than I've been in 20 years."

Tony Calitz

Grace Leung

"Smashing 306 goals is something that excites and challenges me. I enjoy Vitality for that reason, it pushes me to do better everyday."

Grace Leung

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