It's time to bank healthier   with Discovery Bank

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Welcome to the world's first behavioural   bank

We're the world's first behavioural bank, designed with you in mind. We haven't changed just one thing, we've changed everything and our main goal is to help you improve your financial health.

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Get financially healthier with Vitality Money  

Vitality Money is our behavioural change programme that encourages you to be financially healthier and rewards you for it.

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First, we'll help you understand your money like never before through five key financial behaviours.

Improve your finances with easy to use tools, personalised money goals and real-time tracking on the
Discovery Bank app.

Unlock and improve your Vitality Money status to enjoy incredible discounts and rewards.

Bank healthier and get rewarded  

Dynamic Interest Rates

Bank healthier and benefit from interest rates that flex monthly - get higher interest rates on savings and positive balances as well as lower rates on your credit.

Boosted Vitality rewards

Get even more out from Vitality partners like up to 100% cash back on your gym membership, up to 75% off flights and up to 75% cash back on HealthyFood.

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Vitality Active Rewards

Earn weekly rewards for spending responsibly and achieving your money goals.

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    Sign up in minutes with just a selfie - no paperwork necessary
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    Add accounts, cards and family members with just a few taps
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    Sort, filter and customise your transaction views
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    Customise, pause, and set account, card and merchant limits, all in one go
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    Track your spend, set up budgets and goals with Vitality Money
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    Allocate your single credit facility between accounts and secondary cards.
Do more than you ever imagined on our banking app  

Enjoy hundreds of features with the Discovery Bank app and never visit a branch again.

Find the perfect account  
for you

Find an account option that works for you - whether you're looking for a comprehensive personal account designed to give you the best value and rewards, a credit card that does it all or unlimited, free savings accounts.

Find the perfect account for you

Get your Vitality cash back paid into your free Vitality Savings Account. Watch your savings accumulate faster than ever.
A standing   innovation
We've turned banking on its side
Get South Africa's first vertical card.  
Pay anyone   quickly, easily and safely

Pay anyone in your contacts using just their cellphone number

Make real-time payments in seconds

Automatic health co-payments at leading pharmacies

Swipe or tap your card, smartphone or wearable device

Enjoy safe, secure mobile banking.

We'll keep your Discovery Bank app, your accounts and your details safe using the market-leading technology

Get even more value as part of the
Discovery family  

If you're already part of the Discovery Family, your bank account will give you even more value with:

Boosted Vitality rewards

Get up to 100% back on gym, up to 75% off flights and up to 75% on HealthyFood items and more!

Seamless medical co-payments

Seamless payments at the pharmacy with medical co-payments automatically deducted from your bank account at your request.

Immediate short term insurance cover

48-hour cover of up to R100 000 on any items you buy with your Discovery Bank card.

Discounted life insurance

Get more affordable life insurance with up to 15% lower contributions.

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