The Vitality Health Check and Vitality Age assessments, helping you lead a healthier life.


What's your Vitality Age? Are you 34 going on 40 or 40 going on 25? Your Vitality Age will give you a good idea of how healthy you are relative to your actual age.

The lifestyle choices you make every day can largely determine your health. Poor lifestyle behaviours have been proven to lead to four main chronic illnesses and 60% of deaths globally.

Knowing the results from just a few important health screening tests can help in the early detection of chronic illnesses, which can lead to more successful treatment, and can save your life. Our Vitality Age assessment and Vitality Health Check were developed with this in mind.

What you need to know to stay healthy:

The Vitality Age assessment

The Vitality Age assessment is a simple online assessment measuring how healthy you are in relation to your actual age.

It evaluates all aspects of your wellness such as healthy eating, physical activity and stress management. It also helps you learn more about healthy lifestyle choices.

The results from this assessment help you identify any health risks you may have early on. It also helps you in preventing or managing certain health risks you may be facing. To find out how healthy you really are, simply register or log in to your online Discovery Vitality profile to complete a Vitality Age assessment.


After completing your Vitality Health Check, you will receive a comprehensive report, highlighting any health risks you may have. It will also give you a guideline on what to do to improve your health, which could possibly save your life.

You and your family can complete the Vitality Health Check at a Vitality Wellness Clinic or at your nearest Discovery Store.

Virtual Vitality Health Check-in

You can schedule your appointment conveniently online. You will receive detailed instructions to help you set up and prepare for the virtual consultation once you have booked.

Have you found out your Vitality Age?

Your Vitality Age is a measure of how healthy you are relative to your actual age.
It measures all aspects of your wellness like exercise, nutrition and stress. Plus, completing the assessment can earn you 1 500 Vitality points!

By finding out your Vitality Age and doing a Vitality Health Check you will increase your HealthyFood rewards at Pick n Pay or Woolworths and HealthyCare rewards at Clicks or Dis-Chem. Find out today.

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