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Authentic offshore risk protection in the most widely used global currency

The movement of goods, services and capital across international borders has led to the world's economy becoming integrated and interdependent, making it increasingly difficult to predict where your commitments will lie in the future. Protect yourself and your family against this uncertainty with the Dollar Life Plan.

Over the last two decades, Discovery Life has built out the most comprehensive suite of local life plans, aimed at all client segments and designed to meet the full spectrum of needs. The Dollar Life Plan, by Discovery Life International, has exported all the best features of the local suite of risk products to provide a full range of authentic offshore risk protection solutions in the world's most commonly used global currency, the US Dollar.

Market-leading benefits on the Dollar Life Plan


The Dollar Life Plan consists of a dollar denominated Life Fund that is paid out on your death. This allows you to protect any offshore liabilities you may have and to guard against future currency fluctuations.


The Dollar Life Plan offers you the market-leading LifeTime Max 200% and 100% Benefits. In 2017, these benefits were selected as the two best Oncology Protection dread disease benefits in the market by the Independent Clinical Oncology Network. The Severe Illness Benefit also includes the enhanced Global Treatment Benefit and the Cancer Exome Sequencing Benefit.


Through the Buy-up Cash Conversion Benefit, you choose to receive either 25% or 50% of the Cover or Financial Integrator Funds paid out as a tax-free lump sum in dollars at age 65. This benefit will not reduce the value of your Life Fund and is available at an additional premium.


Discovery Life's Dollar Capital Disability Benefit provides a lump-sum payout in dollars if you become disabled. You can select from a range of options, including the flagship LifeTime Capital Disability Benefit with the MedTech Booster feature.


The Dollar Global Education Protector covers the education costs of your children, from crčche through to college, in the event of your death, severe illness or disability. This benefit also allows you to receive a payment of up to 100% of your children's college tuition fees if you do not claim, by simply leading a healthy lifestyle, subject to a maximum.


By utilising the Shared-value model, we can better measure and improve your underlying mortality and morbidity risk. We return this value to you through the PayBack benefit, allowing you to turn your health and wellness management into financial benefits offshore in US Dollars.

  • PayBack of up to 50% - You can receive up to 50% of your qualifying premiums in PayBacks on your Dollar Life Plan, paid out every five years.
  • Guaranteed PayBack - Get a guaranteed PayBack accrual of up to 15% for the first 10 years.
  • Retirement PayBack option -  You can opt to defer your PayBacks till age 65 and earn a guaranteed interest rate of US CPI.

New and enhanced features

We have improved the Dollar Life Plan by including features that increase your premium certainty, help us to better cater to your individual needs and give you a more seamless experience.

Vitality Exchange Rate Protector

The unique Vitality Exchange Rate Protector is an optional benefit that allows you to receive discounts on the exchange rate of up to 21%, based on your Vitality status, for the first nine years of your policy.

Annual and offshore

On the new Dollar Life Plan you can pay your premiums on an annual basis, rather than on a monthly basis. You can also pay your premiums directly from an offshore, dollar-denominated bank account.

Vitality on the Dollar Life Plan

Experience the full suite of benefits offered by Discovery's Shared-value Insurance model, such as the Vitality Rating Longevity Discount.

Swap your local cover into dollars

The Dollar Swap Option, available on both the Classic and Purple Life Plan, allows qualifying clients to swap up to 100% of their rand cover to a Dollar Life Plan at any point, free of underwriting.

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