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Cover for you and your family in US dollars

You might know where you and your family's financial obligations will lie in five years’ time, but what about twenty years from now?

You can protect yourself against this uncertainty with our innovative Dollar Life Plan, which provides cover in the most widely used global currency, the US dollar.

Why consider Discovery Life's Dollar Life Plan?

It’s flexible

The Dollar Life Plan provides a payment if you pass away, with the option to extend cover to provide protection in the event that you become disabled.

You're always protected

By selecting the Minimum Protected Fund, your cover will never drop below a specified minimum dollar amount – no matter how many times you claim.


Get rewarded for managing your health

If you link your Dollar Life Plan with your Discovery Health or Vitality products, you can enjoy a premium discount of up to 20%. You could also qualify for a Dollar PayBack Fund of up to 335 times your initial monthly life cover premium. This fund grows every year in line with US inflation and takes into account how well you manage your health and wellness. At the age of 65, or 20 years after you qualify for the Dollar PayBack Fund (whichever is later), 100% of your Dollar PayBack Fund will be paid into your offshore or local bank account.

You can supplement your retirement savings

The unique Buy-up Cash Conversion Benefit allows you to supplement your retirement savings through a tax-free lump sum payment in dollars at the age of 65. This payment won’t reduce the value of your life and disability cover in any way.

If you have a Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser, you can channel your unused life cover into additional retirement income in dollars from the age of 65, boosting your retirement savings in hard currency. You can further maximise your retirement savings through fee discounts and boosts.

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