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10 ways to get the most out of your medical aid health plan using the Discovery app & website

Our digital technology empowers you and your doctor to manage your health and your health plan, anywhere, anytime.


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Access medical cover while travelling outside South Africa  


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Extra savings and value-added services

As a Discovery Health Medical Scheme member, you have access to the best medical cover as well as a vast range of additional benefits that enhance your cover.

Patient Management Programmes

Our Patient Management Programmes, like DiabetesCare, are unique lifestyle programmes to assist you - with the help of your Premier Practice GP - to actively manage your chronic condition to make you healthier.

Discovery HomeCare

Discovery HomeCare is a home-based service that offers you quality care in the comfort of your own home, with minimum disruption to your normal routine and family life.

20% off frames & lenses

You can get 20% discount on your frames and eyeglass lenses when you visit an optometrist in the Discovery Health Optometry Network. The discount is immediate at point of sale and will help you preserve your Medical Savings Account.

HealthyCare at Clicks & Dis-Chem

Get 10% cash back at Clicks and Dis- Chem on a vast range of products and services in the HealthyCare catalogue when you activate the benefit. You can enjoy the 10% cash back at both partner stores.

Netcells-umbilical cord stem cell banking

Save on stem cell banking with Netcells. Receive up to 25% off the Banking Fee when you pay upfront and 10% when you choose a payment plan.

Cryo-Y-semen cryopreservation

Cryopreserve your semen for future fertility options. You can get up to 25% off Cryo-Y, Next Biosciences' semen cryopreservation service.


Family history history is an important part of any person's health information. MyFamilyHistory makes it easy for you to record your family health history. The information you provide will be used to assess your risk of developing certain common or hereditary health conditions at some time in your life.

Discovery MedXpress

Discovery MedXpress is a convenient medicine ordering service. Have your medicines, particularly for monthly chronic medicine, delivered to your door or collect your medicine in-store at a participating pharmacy at no extra cost to you.

International second opinion services

Through your specialist you have access to second opinion services from Cleveland Clinic for life-threatening and life-changing conditions. We cover 50% of the cost of the second opinion service.

DNA sequencing and non-invasive prenatal testing

You have cover for the latest DNA analysis. We will cover the full cost of the test from available day-to-day benefits and accumulate and pay 50% of the cost from the Above Threshold Benefit, where applicable. Please note that this benefit is not yet live, we will let you know when it becomes available. For expecting mothers who are at high-risk, we will cover non-invasive prenatal screening from your available day-to-day benefits at the agreed rate. You can also use your MSA for newborn screening to detect metabolic disorders. On Smart, Core and KeyCare plans you need to pay for the tests.

This benefit is not yet available. Members will be notified once this benefit becomes available.


We offer a number of initiatives aimed at improving the experience of care, the health of the population, and controlling the cost of care for members of Discovery Health Medical Scheme such as the patient survey score that let's patients rate their hospital experience.

MyBreastCancerRisk Calculator

MyBreastCancerRisk is an interactive calculator that will calculate an estimated risk of you developing breast cancer based on a set of specific questions you answer about your personal health and family history.

Once you complete the assessment and have calculated your risk, your medical scheme may provide further screening benefits though the Screening and Prevention Benefit, where clinically appropriate. This will enable you and your doctor to put together an appropriate screening plan. 

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