We've got good news for you! All Discovery Bank clients and now Vitality members through the new –iscovery Account, have access to the Vitality Travel platform and all the benefits of discounted travel. Please read our ongoing travel updates here.

Upgrade your travel experience with Vitality Travel.

Enjoy an end-to-end enhanced travel experience with all the benefits of Vitality Travel, brought to you by Discovery Bank. You can now book your discounted local and international flights in the Discovery Bank app - tap, tap, fly!
Vitality Travel is the first-of-its-kind integrated travel booking platform in South Africa, enabling you to make all your travel bookings in one place, with unprecedented discounts on a wide range of flights, accommodation, car hire and exciting local and international travel experiences.
This, coupled with the Discovery Bank Priority Fast Track and premium lounge access, makes travelling locally or internationally more affordable, easier to book, and stress-free.

Planning your next great escape?
Here's how much you can save

Get from 10% to 75% off local and international flights

As a member with Vitality Health, you get between 10% and 25% off your flights with the –iscovery Account. Boost that up to 75% with Discovery Bank and Vitality Money. If you are a Discovery Bank client only (without Vitality Health), you can save between 10% and 50%.

It gets even better! Book your discounted flights in just a few taps, in the Discovery Bank app.

Personalised savings on two international flight bookings and six one-way local flights (base fare and YQ tax) a year, followed by an unlimited 10% saving afterwards.


Get from 10% to 25% off holiday accommodation

As a member with Vitality (Health), you get 25% off at local Vitality Holiday accommodation partners. If you are a Discovery Bank client only (Without Vitality Health), you can save between 10% and 25%.
Get access to millions of non-discounted local and international listings on Vitality Travel, through Booking.com and have the option of paying with your Discovery Miles, and having all your bookings in one place.
Access to:

Enjoy from 10% to 15% off your next beach holiday, cruise or city adventure

To book, read more here.

Save from 10% to 25% on car hire

Go everywhere in South Africa with unlimited car hire bookings.

As a member with Vitality Health, you can get 25% off on car hire. If you are a Discovery Bank client only (without Vitaliity Health) you can save between 10% and 25%.

A Discovery member, but not a Discovery Bank client yet?

Activate the –iscovery Account now and get access to Vitality Travel. Enjoy 10% to 25% off local and international flights. All this with no monthly fee.

Scan the QR code to download the Discovery Bank app.

Want to boost your rewards even more?

Join Discovery Bank and get up to 75% off local and international flights, enjoy free visits to over 1 200 airport lounges worldwide, and faster security clearance at OR Tambo and Cape Town international airports.

Join now

Discovery Bank clients can now enjoy all the benefits of Vitality Travel:

An enhanced travel experience

  • View and book your flights, accommodation and car hire
  • View and access all your Vitality Travel benefits in one place

Booking flights in your banking app

  • Browse all local, and international flights
  • Select, filter and sort your search results by airline, cabin class, fare type, stops and times
  • Pay seamlessly from your Discovery Bank cards and accounts, or with Discovery Miles

Broaden your horizons

  • Choose from more travel partners, including a wide variety of hotels, B&Bs, resorts, and lodges across South Africa
  • Browse exclusive travel offers and deals

Plus, get even more travel benefits with Discovery Bank

Explore all the travel rewards you can get with Discovery Bank

Our partners

With a wider selection of amazing specialist travel partners, you can now book all your leisure trips and access all your benefits through Vitality Travel, exclusive to Discovery Bank.

...and many more

Explore a world of adventure with Vitality Travel

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