It’s time to bank healthier with Discovery Bank

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Introducing the world's first behavioural bank.

We haven’t just changed one thing, we’ve changed everything and designed the world’s first behavioural bank with you in mind.

Simply put, we’re a bank that will guide, motivate and reward you for getting financially healthier.

Introducing the next revolution in health. A bank.
Introducing the next revolution in health.
A bank.
Get financially healthier with Vitality Money

We know that five behaviours determine your financial health. We’ll help you get to know and improve them, and encourage and reward you along the way.

Bank healthier and get rewarded

Dynamic Interest Rates

Benefit from lower interest rates that flex monthly - get higher interest rates on savings and lower rates on credit.

Boosted Vitality rewards

Get even more out from our Vitality partners like up to 100% cash back on your gym membership, up to 75% off flights and up to 75% cash back on HealthyFood.

Vitality Active Rewards

Earn weekly rewards for your responsible spending.

Sign up in minutes on the app with paperless FICA and a selfie, so we can see that it’s really you.

Choose when and how you bank with the most advanced banking app in South Africa. With over 200 features, you’ll be able to:

  • See all your accounts at a glance and add new accounts and cards in minutes
  • Sort, filter and customise your transaction views
  • Allocate credit between credit cards and overdrafts, and share credit with family members
  • Improve your Vitality Money status with a range of tools
  • Set up budgets and track your spend, and set up automated savings and get tips on how to save more
  • Track and improve your Dynamic Discounts and Dynamic Interest Rates, and view your Active Rewards
  • View your other Discovery account balances.
Real-time banking for a real-time world

The days of waiting for proof of payment or banking details are over. With us, you can:

  • Pay anyone in your contacts using just their cellphone number
  • Make real-time payments, in seconds to anyone
  • Never swipe again with automatic co-payments at leading pharmacies and healthcare providers
  • Swipe or tap your card, smartphone or wearable device.
Introducing the Discovery 1 Account

It’s smart, efficient and transparent banking, designed to fulfill all your needs. You get one new state-of-the-art credit card, with One Credit Facility, one interest rate, plus a built-in Vitality Savings Account, all for a single fee.

We've turned banking on its side

Get South Africa’s first vertical card.
Manage your money better, together

With Family Banking, we’ve designed a banking solution that lets you manage your money together as a family. You can add accounts in minutes, share your credit, share financial goals, and of course share all the rewards.

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Affordable life insurance.

Faster growing investments.

Easier health payments.

Smarter insurance.

Join the world's first behavioural bank that motivates and rewards you for banking well
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