Submit your claim fast and easy in any of these 3 digital ways


Upload your claim

Scan and upload your claims. Upload your claim now


Email your claims

Scan and email your claims to

If you are submitting a claim that you have submitted before, but it now has extra or updated information, please send the claim to


Use the Discovery Health app

Use your smartphone to download the Discovery Health app from the App Store or Google Play.

Log in and select My cover. Under Claims, select Submit a claim, then use the Scan claim documents option to submit your claim.

If the claim has a QR code, simply scan the QR code or take a photo of the claim from the Discovery Health app.


View and track my claims

A summary of your claims is available when you log in. Go to your medical claims page to search for a claim , view your claims statement or download a claims transaction history.

Payment of claims

Most healthcare providers will submit claims directly to the Scheme in which case you do not need to submit the claim. Claims will be paid directly to the healthcare professional when they bill the Discovery Health Rate. If the healthcare professional claims more than the Discovery Health Rate, the Scheme will reimburse you and you will be required to pay the full amount to the healthcare provider. Cash claims and claims payable to members are paid weekly.

To update your debit order or your claims payments banking details, please log in. You will receive an OTP (one-time PIN) that will be sent to the registered cellphone number or email address we have on system. This pin will verify and confirm the change being actioned through the website.

What to remember

  • Submit claims within four months. Older claims will be considered expired and will not be paid.
  • Check the claim to make sure the following details are correct and clear:
    • your name and membership number
    • the name and practice number of the healthcare provider
    • the date on which the service was provided
    • the relevant consultation, procedure codes or Nappi codes and diagnostic (ICD-10) codes
    • the total amount charged for the service
  • Include a receipt if you paid for the claim.
  • Send a detailed claim and not just a receipt as we need the details of what you are claiming for in order to process your claim quickly and correctly.
  • If the healthcare provider sends the claim to us electronically, you don't need to send us a copy.
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