Intelligent technology to keep you safe

We offer a range of advanced safety features

Recognised through various international awards, the Smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, our advanced telematics technology, is a game-changer in the world of motor insurance. By using this technology, we're able to offer our clients the very best safety features, as well as measure their driving, and reward them for driving well.


Smartphone-enabled DQ-Track

The smartphone-enabled DQ-Track is made up of two components - the Discovery Insure smartphone app and the Vitality Drive Sensor. The app, which links to the sensor which is placed in the vehicle, is easy to install on a compatible smartphone, and offers state-of-the-art safety features.

Clients that do not have compatible phones can select our Standalone DQ-Track. This device is available for an additional premium and includes stolen vehicle tracking and recovery, unique driver profiles, where we can detect if someone else is driving your vehicle and Geozones, allowing you to set a safety perimeter for your car.

Main benefit and safety feature comparison

  Smartphone-enabled DQ-Track Standalone DQ-Track

Impact Alert

We can detect when you've been in an accident and can send help immediately if we can't get hold of you.

Weather warnings

You get weather warnings to protect your valuable possessions from bad weather.

Vehicle panic button

Use your smartphone as a panic button in an emergency in your car.


Easy and quick installation


Easier to improve

Real-time feedback and the ability to compete with friends.


Find my vehicles

Use your smartphone to find all your vehicles on your plan, in real time.


More excellent safety features to choose from

Private driver services

You can use one of our partners Uber, Road Trip or Scooter Angels to get safely from point A to point B at any time of the day at discounted rates.

Get to your destination safely

Direction Assist will provide you with accurate directions within South Africa by telephone, fax or email.

Help if your car breaks down

We provide you with emergency roadside assistance when your car breaks down inside the borders of South Africa.

Trip Monitor

Trip Monitor offers a 24-hour helpline that will keep in contact with you throughout your journey, making sure you arrive at your destination safely.


DQ-Track awards

Our smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, made up of our Discovery Insure smartphone app and Vitalitydrive Sensor, was chosen as the Most Innovative New Digital Product and Overall EMEA Digital Champion at the 2015 Gartner Financial Services Cool Business Awards in Barcelona in 2015, proof that it is a digital solution that has global relevance.

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