Global Recurring Endowment

The Global Recurring Endowment is a unique investment plan that allows you to invest monthly in USD with ease. We are the only company that allows you to invest globally in an endowment on a monthly basis. An endowment is an investment plan that helps you save over the medium to long term, while giving you estate planning benefits and tax-efficient structures.

At a glance


Fees that apply

Discovery fee

We charge a yearly admin fee, which may depend on the size of your investment.

Investment manager fees

Investment managers may charge initial and ongoing fees.

Financial adviser fees

Your financial adviser can charge initial and ongoing advice fees.

Custodian fees

Please contact your financial adviser for a detailed quote on fees.

Fact File

Read the relevant Fact File for details of:

When you can access your money before five years
Going over your Single Discretionary Allowance
How the Fees work

The latest fact file might not be applicable to your Investment

Minimum investment amounts


You can make extra contributions to your investment.


The following applies to you:

30% on investment growth
20% on dividends
12% on capital gains

Investment term

Short - Medium Term
5 to 10 years or more

Investment guarantees

No guarantee of investment performance

Read our brochure for more information.

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