Discovery Life insurance rewards

With Discovery Life, you can get upfront premium discounts and a percentage of your life insurance premiums paid back to you. We reward you for managing your health and wellness.

Get an upfront premium discount by linking your Discovery products

By linking your Discovery products to your Discovery Life Plan, you can get these upfront premium discounts

Plan administered by Discovery Health Vitality Vitality Active Bank Vitality Rating Premium discount

Up to 32%


Up to 42%


Up to 21%


Up to 21%


Up to 26%


Up to 15%

A further discount of up to 15% may also apply to certain qualifying benefits.

Additional cash payouts through your policy

With Discovery's PayBacks and Cash Conversions, you can get substantial cash back throughout your policy term by managing your health and wellness.

Annual Guaranteed PayBacks

Add Annual Guaranteed PayBacks to your Life policy and get guaranteed PayBacks of up to 15% for the first 10 years of your policy.

Five-yearly PayBacks

You can also get up to 50% of your premiums back every five years depending on how well you manage your health and wellness.

Supplement your retirement income with the Cash Conversion Benefit

You can automatically earn 15% of your Financial Integrator and Cover Integrator Funds at retirement, or upgrade your Cash Conversion Benefit and earn up to 200% of your Financial Integrator and Cover Integrator Funds paid in four equal amounts every four years from the age of 65.


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Discovery Life Limited. Registration number 1966/003901/06, is a registered long-term insurer, and an authorised financial services and registered credit provider, NCR Reg No. NCRCP3555. Product rules, terms and conditions apply.
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