How we reward you

We reward healthy investment behaviour: Invest longer, invest more, live well and withdraw wisely.

Invest longer  

Living longer means you need more savings to maintain your lifestyle. So start investing as early as possible and extend your investment term and benefit from compound interest and our boosts.

How we reward you when you invest for longer

You can get a boost to your investment when you keep your money invested for long as possible. This boost can be up to 20% of your initial investment amount. Here is an example of how you can get rewarded for investing longer.

Zoe, a 30-year-old, starts saving for retirement early. She invests R300 000 in a Retirement Annuity. For investing longer, we give her an upfront boost of 20%, increasing her investment to R360 000

If her investment grows by 8% a year, it will be worth R5.32 million when she's 65 (compared to R4.44 million without a boost). If she retires at 70, she gets an extra boost from us and more growth, making her investment worth R8.6 million.

Invest more 

Investing more money towards your investment goals makes it more likely that you will get the lifestyle you desire and reach your goals. You can also benefit from our unique boosts.

How we reward you when you invest more

You can get rewarded with extra boosts and fee discounts when you invest more money towards your investment goals. Here is an of how you can get rewarded for investing more.

Five years after her initial investment, Zoe contributes an extra R60 000 into her Retirement Annuity. We reward her for investing more with a boost to this extra contribution of 20%, bringing her total extra contribution to R72 000.

If her fund achieved a growth rate of 8% each year after fees, Zoe's fund will be worth R6.05 million when she turns 65. If Zoe makes an additional contribution each year of R60 000, her fund value, including boosts, will be worth R17.13 million when she turns 65.

Live well  

Managing your health and wellness will allow you to enjoy the financial wealth you are creating, now or later in life. We offer extra returns for being proactive about your health and money.

How we reward you when you live well

You can get an extra return of up to 2% each year on your investment for being healthy, driving well, and managing your money well. Here is an of how we boost your investment when you choose to live well.

Jane starts contributing R 5000 a month to the Retirement Annuity. She invests the full amount in qualifying funds. Jane has a silver Vitality health and silver Vitality Drive status. She also has a gold status for Vitality Money. Jane achieves 7 of her Active Rewards weekly goals. This means that she gets a boost of 9% (5% + 1% + 3%), which equates to R 450 additional value on her monthly contribution of R 5 000.

Withdraw wisely  

As people are living longer, retirement savings need to last longer too. By withdrawing only what you need - and keeping the rest invested - you have a better chance of having enough money to last throughout your retirement.

How we reward you when you withdraw wisely

You can get up to 50% extra income in retirement, for life, when you withdraw your retirement income responsibly and manage your health. Here is an of how we reward you when you withdraw wisely.

Zoe has reached retirement and withdraws 3% from her Living Annuity each year to provide an income for herself in retirement. If Zoe's fund value is R17.13 million, this equals R42 831 in income each month. If Zoe manages her health well with Vitality, she can get a boost of up to 50% to this income each month. This means instead of R42 831 income each month, Zoe will receive R64 247.

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