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Losing a loved one is never easy and wrapping up an estate can be costly, with paperwork and complex processes. That's why Discovery Life is introducing the Discovery Estate Preserver, ensuring that your estate is protected and that your family has complete peace of mind."

The Discovery Estate Preserver will assist in ensuring that your family is comprehensively protected against the legal costs and administration associated with death. In addition, by simply linking your Discovery Estate Preserver to Vitality, you can immediately unlock an upfront discount that can be maintained throughout your policy, earn PayBacks on premiums and receive free will storage through our unique PayBack Benefit.

The Discovery Estate Preserver offers you exclusive benefits

The Discovery Estate Preserver aims to assist with the costs associated with winding up your estate after your death, through the Fee Indemnity Benefit. The costs covered under this benefit include the following:

Executor fees

Charged by the executor to wind up the estate, based on the gross value of the assets in the estate on death.

Testamentary trustee fees

Charged by the Trustees to administer a trust created in the will to manage the assets of the deceased on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Property conveyancing fees

Fees incurred on transferring ownership of property during the estate wind-up process.

Additionally, The Discovery Estate Preserver provides additional benefits to assist your family in the event of your death. These benefits include:
The Liquidity Benefit

Pays a lump sum within 48 hours of receiving all claims requirements in order to cover various expenses and fees.

The Contribution Protector

Provides a monthly payment to a client's beneficiaries for a six-month period following their death in order to assist their loved ones with liquidity.

The Estate Planning Benefit

Optional benefit available at an additional premium to provide efficiency in the estate planning process


Link your Discovery Estate Preserver policy to Vitality

By simply linking your Discovery Estate Preserver to Vitality, you can benefit from a unique feature that rewards you for improving and managing your health and wellness.

Enjoy PayBacks and discounts on your Discovery Estate Preserver premiums

Maintain the upfront discount of 17.5% throughout the policy duration. This gives you the ability to control future premium adjustments by improving and managing your health and wellness.

PayBacks on Discovery Estate Preserver premiums

You can get up to 20% of your premiums back every five years, depending on how well you manage your health and wellness.

100% of will storage fees returned through PayBacks

If you choose to store your will with Discovery Wills and Trusts' preferred provider, we will charge you an annual will storage fee for this service. When your policy is Vitality Integrated, your storage fees will be fully refunded to you in your 5-yearly PayBack.

Speak to your financial adviser for more information.

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