Force for Good

Discovery Insure is founded on the principals of shared-value. We strive to offer value not only to our clients, but to the community as a whole, acting as a formidable force for good.

Our experience, business model and innovative product offering has enabled us to expand our value through unique initiatives and strategic partnerships that positively impact the community at large


Pothole Patrol

Discovery Insure and Avis Southern Africa have joined forces with the Johannesburg Road Agency for the Pothole Patrol initiative. Together, we're dedicated to creating safer roads for everyone.

You can now report potholes through the
Pothole Patrol app

Once a pothole has been reported, an inspector is sent out to determine the size and depth of the pothole. A repair team is then allocated to the repair and dispatched. If the pothole was reported through the app, the user will receive feedback that the pothole was repaired.

* Pothole Patrol is mandated to repair potholes measuring a maximum size of one square metre and not more than three cm deep. Anything bigger or deeper is considered a reinstatement and referred to the Johannesburg Road Agency.


Fire Force

A fire occurs in Johannesburg every six hours, we launched Fire Force in June 2022 in partnership with Advanced Emergency Management Solutions (AEMS). Fire Force is a market-first safety innovation, that operates with a network of fire response vehicles along with a team of well-trained and experienced firefighters.

Since Fire Force launched, our lifesaving blue Discovery fire trucks have responded to four fires a week, on average across Johannesburg. Fire Force is currently operating in the Johannesburg region.

What to do in the event of a fire


Call Discovery Insure emergency services on 0860 999 911 to dispatch the Fire Force.


Exit the burning building as calmly and quickly as possible. Always have two exit options.


If you encounter smoke, cover your nose and mouth and stay as low to the ground as possible.


Close the doors behind you as you exit the rooms.


Do not return into the structure for anything, move as far away from the blaze as possible.


Try to stay calm and be assured that help is on the way.


Wheel well keeping children safe

At Discovery Insure we believe in building a nation of safer roads for all, and this includes our children. Since 2017, Discovery Insure and Wheel Well have been working together to help promote the importance of safety for children on our roads.

The Car Seats for Kids Campaign is a drive to get every child safely secured in a car seat. If you have a car seat to spare, or one which your child has outgrown, you can donate it to Wheel Well and they will find the perfect child to match.


Wheel Well

Donating pre-loved car seats

Donate your pre-loved car by dropping it off at a Discovery Store near you or the Wheel Well store.

At Wheel Well you can:

Donate your pre-loved car seat

Select a car seat

Car seat installation & inspection

Car seat cleaning


Safe Journey's to School

This Discovery Fund flagship programme launched in 2014 as partnership with ChildSafe. The program aims to prevent injury of scholars through motor vehicle accidents as they travel to and from school each day.

The Safe Journey's to School programme offers an opportunity for Discovery Insure to extend its telematics technology to those who are not clients.

Discovery Insure's technology installed in minibuses, scholar transporters can track their vehicle for easy recovery. They also have access to Impact Alert, a Discovery Insure service that contacts emergency services in the event of an accident. To ensure greater awareness of their driving, scholar transporters get ongoing feedback on each of their trip scores.

What we have achieved

Over 18 000 and 800 scholar transports

Across Western Cape the programme has achieved zero fatal incidents since its launch.


Force for Good in action:

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