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Need to know

  1. The following clients will be automatically opted in to receive their fuel cash back in –iscovery Miles:
    • Existing Vitality Drive clients who had opted in to receive their fuel cash back in cash and are also Discovery Bank clients, or at any time when these clients open a Discovery Bank account.
    • These clients will still be able to choose to rather receive their fuel cash back as cash or deposit it into their Insure Funder Account.
  2. Vitality Drive clients who are not Discovery Bank clients will continue to have the option to receive their fuel cash back as cash or have it deposited into their Insure Funder Account, but are able to open a free Discovery account or Discovery Bank account at any time and can then opt in to receive their fuel cash back in –iscovery Miles.
  3. All Vitality Drive clients, whether they have chosen the –iscovery Miles, cash or Insure Funder Account option, will receive their cash back at the end of the month and will be notified the day following their fuel transaction of how much fuel cash back they have earned.


Want the best fuel cash back rewards in South Africa?

To start earning your fuel cash back you must:


your Vitality Drive sensor at Tiger Wheel & Tyre or your nearest Discovery Drive Centre


your Vitality Drive card to your Discovery Insure profile


your Vitality Drive card when filling up at bp and Shell

You can get up to R1,500 fuel cash back every month when you fill up at bp or Shell or load money onto your Gautrain Swift card.

Each Vitality Drive Point you earn enables you to get fuel cash back on R1 of fuel or Gautrain spend or both.

How we calculate your monthly fuel cash back

Vitality Drive fuel cash back calculator

Your maximum fuel cash back cannot be more than your vehicle premium (excluding VAT). If you are a primary driver with more than 1 vehicle, your fuel cash back cannot be more than the combined vehicle premiums for which you are the primary driver.

Vitality Drive card

Fuel Rewards paid in Discovery Miles

Vitality Drive clients who have a Discovery Bank account will automatically be opted in to get their fuel cash back paid out in –iscovery Miles, making this the best way of getting the most –iscovery Miles in a single transaction.

You can earn up to –15,000 with Vitality Drive plus an additional D2,000 with Vitality Money when paying for your fuel with a Discovery Bank credit card.

How to spend –iscovery Miles?

You can get up to 15% when you spend –iscovery Miles in the Vitality Mall, at our online and in-store partners, or on prepaid products and services. Plus get up to 30% off on Miles D-Day.

Find out more

Vitality Drive card

Vitality Drive card

When paying for your fuel, simply give your Vitality Drive card to the bp or Shell petrol attendant and ask them to swipe it.

Locating the nearest bp or Shell

To locate your nearest bp or Shell service station, simply visit or

More about the Gautrain

The Gautrain system provides you with a safe, comfortable and reliable train service, a dedicated bus system, as well as drop-off and parking facilities at all stations (except at OR Tambo International Airport). These services are fully integrated and may be used separately or jointly by transferring from one to another. Make sure you register your Gautrain Swift card to ensure you get your cash back. View station and route info, and a fare calculator here, and detailed information about peak and off-peak timetables, and bus fares. For easy access to these details while you're on the go, learn more about the mobile app and mobi site.

Gautrain card

Adding value to our customers

As a Discovery Insure client, Tania Van Vuuren has seen great value from being on the Vitality Drive programme. She has a friendly competition with her family to improve their driving behaviour to earn amazing rewards. By driving well, Tania earns her monthly fuel cash back, which she doubles by paying it into her Insure Funder Account. With her weekly Vitality Active Rewards, she enjoys her free cup of coffee and vouchers that she can use at selected partners, and when she needs a break from driving, she enjoys her Uber discounted rides.

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