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How fuel rewards from Discovery Insure work

You can get up to 50% of your fuel and Gautrain spend back each month. You can also choose to have your fuel rewards doubled and paid into your Excess Funder Account to fund any car claim excess. Fuel rewards are only available on the Classic, Essential and Executive plan.

Get up to 50% of your monthly fuel spend back

You can get up to 50% back in fuel rewards each month when you fill up at BP or Shell or load money onto your Gautrain Gold card.

Each Vitality drive Point you earn enables you to get fuel rewards on R1 of fuel or Gautrain spend or both.

To earn fuel rewards you must:

  • Install your DQ-Track device
  • Link your Vitality drive card
  • Swipe your linked Vitality drive card when you fill up at BP or Shell.

To maximize your fuel rewards. You need to maximize your fuel rewards percentage and earn more Vitality drive points.

To Increase your rewards%:

  Essential Plan car insurance Essential Plan car and home insurance Classic and Executive Plan car insurance only Classic and Executive Plan car and home insurance Motorcycle and home insurance
Immediate rewards Up to 5% Up to 10% Up to 10% Up to 20% Up to 10%
Rewards for passing
a Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check
Up to 12.5% Up to 25% Up to 25% Up to 50% Up to 25%

To qualify for the maximum fuel rewards percentage, you need to pass your Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check and have insured building or household contents or both for a minimum of R250 000.

More about your fuel rewards

Locating the nearest BP or Shell

To locate your nearest BP or Shell service station, simply visit www.bp.co.za or www.shell.co.za.

What to do at BP or Shell
  • When paying for your fuel, simply give your Vitalitydrive card to the BP or Shell petrol attendant and ask them to swipe it
  • You will receive a slip for each transaction which you can keep as proof
  • If a BP or a Shell service station does not have a swipe facility simply email the slip to the following email address:vitalitydriveinfo@discovery.co.za
How your fuel rewards will be calculated if you purchase fuel at BP or Shell and use the Gautrain

Your fuel rewards will be calculated using both your fuel and Gautrain spend, up to a total monthly combined spend of R1 600. We also consider the Vitality drive Points you have earned for the month. The lower of your Vitality drive Points or fuel and Gautrain spend will be multiplied by your fuel rewards percentage.

More about the Gautrain

The Gautrain system provides you with a safe, comfortable and reliable train service, a dedicated bus system, as well as drop-off and parking facilities at all stations (except at OR Tambo International Airport). These services are fully integrated and may be used separately or jointly by transferring from one to another. Find out more about the Gautrain here. View station and route info, and a fare calculator here, and detailed information about peak and off-peak timetables, and bus fares. For easy access to these details while you're on the go, learn more about their mobile app and mobi site.

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