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Our Retirement Annuities give you more than conventional retirement solutions. When you take proactive steps to manage your money and your health, we reward you with boosts and fee discounts. Stay on trend with Discovery. Start investing now and get rewarded with a boost of up to 20% to your retirement savings.


Features of a retirement annuity

A retirement annuity is an investment that helps you save for retirement. It offers significant tax advantages over other investment vehicles to encourage saving. You can use it as your main investment for retirement or in addition to your employer's retirement fund.

Your investment growth is tax-free

Your contributions can be deducted from your taxable income

There are guidelines on how you can access your money when you retire to ensure your savings last as long as possible in retirement

There are fees that apply to your investment. Speak to your financial adviser for a detailed quote


Secure a long and happy life with our retirement plans

Our Retirement Annuities are designed to meet your personal needs. Whether you invest a lump-sum or pay in monthly contributions, we have a plan that's right for you.

Lump-sum Retirement Annuity

Recurring Retirement Annuity


We make healthy investment and lifestyle choices even more rewarding

Our retirement plans are designed to help you create financial independence in retirement by rewarding you with boosts and fee discounts for taking proactive steps to manage your money and health.

Invest early

Invest as early as possible to extend your investment term and benefit from compound interest.

Get a boost of up to 20% to your initial investment

Increased global exposure

  • Invest your boost offshore in one of the three Cogence risk-profiled global portfolios advised by BlackRock (Cogence Global Cautious Portfolio, Cogence Global Balanced Portfolio and Cogence Global Growth Portfolio).
  • This is the only retirement solution on the market where you can get up to 65% exposure to offshore markets.
  • At retirement you can take up to 100% of the boost in cash, invest it in your retirement plan, or invest it into a Discovery Global Endowment and continue to invest in hard currency.

Invest more

Invest more towards your retirement and have financial freedom to live well

Get a boost of up to 25% to your extra contributions

Live well

Managing your health allows you to enjoy your wealth in retirement.

Get a boost of up to 15% to your monthly contributions with Vitality


Educational content to help with decision making

Is saving for retirement a blip on your radar, or is it a worry that keeps you up at night? Either way, when you understand how relevant saving for retirement is, you'll be enabled to make the right decisions, and reap the peace of mind that it brings. Get to the bottom of retirement basics.

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