Safe, secure and protected banking

Safe, secure and protected banking

Keeping your money and details safe is very important to us which is why we have used market leading technology from all over the world to make sure we have the highest security measures in place.
Mobile banking security  

How we keep your Discovery Bank app secure.

Market leading biometric identification

We've used the most advanced fingerprint and facial recognition technology to make sure only you can log in to your app.

Real-time identity

When you join Discovery Bank, you will need to take a live selfie in order to verify your identity so we can make sure we know exactly who you are and what you look like.

Discovery Digital Identification

Enjoy seamless integration across all Discovery Apps with a single digital login.

Features that keep your account safe  

For peace of mind that your money and details are safe.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Get real-time in-app notifications of all the activity on your account so you always know where your money is going and when. You can also control the frequency and privacy of all your notifications
and alerts.

Enhanced security from Visa

All our Visa cards come with secure chip and PIN technology as well as market-leading online protection with Verified by Visa and Visa Checkout for all online purchases.

Fast, seamless and secure instant payments

We keep your money safe no matter which way you choose to pay including:

  • The ability to make quick, secure tap-and-go payments.
  • Make secure, real-time payments with Discovery Instant Pay.
  • Access to the secure Discovery Pay network where you can pay anyone using just their cellphone number.
Making sure your details are safe

We understand how important your personal details and data are so we have built in controls to keep it safe and secure. One of these controls is ensuring your data is never stored on the Discovery Bank app but rather on our servers where it is encrypted. Read more about this in our
privacy statement.

Customise   your account and card security settings

Set your own limits and restrictions for your accounts and cards at any time from your Discovery Bank app.
With just a few taps you can:

Change your online, merchant and spending limits
Change your ATM withdrawal limits
View or change your PIN
Pause or cancel your card
Add or manage your digital wallet preferences
Manage your family's access to credit
Tips   for secure online banking

Learn more about how to protect your money, data and details online

Avoid clicking on links in emails or text messages that seem suspicious. If you’ve responded to a phishing email, change your banking login details immediately and let us know.
Look after your personal details. A reputable bank will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your security details.
Never save your passwords, usernames or PINs on your device.
Memorise your internet banking passwords. Create longer passwords that combine letters (lowercase and capitals), numbers and special characters, and change your passwords regularly.
Be sure that the Wi-Fi you use for any bank connection is secured with “WPA 2” security. Alternatively disable your Wi-Fi and switch to a cellular network option.
Use our notification services so you get notifications of activity on your account.
Ensure you have the latest antivirus and firewall software on your PC and that your smartphone software is up to date.
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Please click here to login into Discovery Digital Id

Please click here to login into Discovery Digital Id