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Secure banking and fraud protection

Keeping your money and personal information safe and secure is as important to us as it is to you. That's why we use advanced security technologies to protect your account.

Get used to a secure, convenient banking experience

Know everything that happens on your account in real time with our smart notifications system. Plus, empower yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to keep yourself safe from criminals.

Secure access to your banking app

How we keep your Discovery Bank app secure:

Real-time identity verification

When you join Discovery Bank, you'll quickly and easily set up a facial ID to authenticate and verify your identity. That way, no one else can have access to your banking app except you.

Market-leading biometric identification

Log in to your app with a secure fingerprint or Facial ID, the most advanced facial recognition technology available.

Discovery digital identification

Enjoy seamless integration across all Discovery apps with a single digital login, and securely move between your health, drive and banking apps with ease.

Features that keep your account safe

Real-time alerts and notifications

Get real-time smart notifications of activity on your account so you always know where your money is going and when. You can choose to receive notifications via email, in-app messages or both.

Enhanced security from Visa

All our Visa cards come with secure chip and PIN technology, as well as market-leading online protection with Verified by Visa and Visa Checkout for all online purchases.

Enhanced data storage and protection

Discovery Bank has built-in controls to keep your personal data safe and secure. Your data is never stored on the Discovery Bank app but on our encrypted servers. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Secure online banking

We're mobile first, but you can access our enhanced banking features across all devices, including your desktop, laptop and tablet. Get the highest security measures of mobile banking every time, no matter which device you prefer.

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6 key principles to avoid being scammed

At Discovery Bank, we make every effort to keep your accounts and data safe. Plus, we stay up to date with the latest news and trends in banking security to help you empower yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to instantly spot and report fraud.

Don't click on links in suspicious or unexpected emails or SMSs.

Don't download or install apps that give others access to your device.

Discovery Bank will never ask you for sensitive information.

Never share your card details, password, PIN or OTP with anyone.

Never approve transactions if you're not the person transacting.

Always check that your web browser reads or

The latest scams to look out for

Criminals take every opportunity to make scams look like real campaigns and promotions. Make sure that you are aware of the latest scams and fraudulent activity making the rounds by regularly checking our Latest scams page.

Here are four common types of scams:


Criminals send emails that seem to be from trusted sources or companies, often promising a reward or refund, to deceitfully obtain your personal information including passwords, identity number, login details and credit card details.


Also known as voice-phishing, this scam is similar to phishing in that the objective is to obtain personal information fraudulently. Vishing tricks people into disclosing information over a phone call, rather than visiting a website.


Smishing is a form of phishing where an attacker uses a compelling SMS message to trick targeted recipients into clicking a link and sending private information to the attacker or downloading malicious programs to a smartphone.


This is a cyber-attack intended to redirect a website's traffic to a fake site that aims to steal your information or your money. In a pharming attack, the criminal hacks into the site you have opened and redirects you to an imposter site.

Read our blog on banking security

Did you know that we have an entire page on the Discovery Magazine dedicated to security articles? We update this page regularly to give you the latest information on how to keep yourself safe from criminal activity. Check out the articles below and more on the Security Tips page.

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