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We've revolutionised payments.

Experience revolutionary payments - all from the palm of your hand

With Discovery Bank, you have so many convenient, innovative and secure ways to pay, right at your fingertips. You can pay in seconds using just a phone number, a virtual card, or through instant 24/7 payments. Pay on the go with Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay. Plus, as a member of a Discovery Health medical scheme, you can settle your medical co-payments instantly by linking your health plan to your bank account.

Bank smarter with a virtual card

Our virtual card gives you the perfect digital banking experience with state-of-the-art security for safe and secure contactless payments. Virtual cards are a digital alternative to physical cards. They offer additional levels of security and convenience, and the same benefits and rewards. Virtual cards are issued instantly, so you can start shopping immediately. You can add as many virtual cards as you need on the Discovery Bank app, at no cost.

Bank smarter with a Discovery Bank virtual card

Tap to pay with Discovery Bank

Discovery Bank brings you banking on the go. Link your digital wallet of choice to your bank account to make tap-and-go payments through Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Get up to 20% off when you pay with your Discovery Miles

Enjoy your Discovery Miles, the world's first shared-value rewards currency, which is even more valuable than cash! You can earn Discovery Miles when you stay fit and healthy, drive well and spend responsibly. And the best part of earning Discovery Miles is spending them!

Get up to 20% off when you spend your Discovery Miles at our in-store and online retail partners and on prepaid services such as airtime, data, SMSs, water and electricity through the Discovery Bank app. You can also spend them on travel, pay friends and family or even exchange them for cash.

Learn about the many exciting ways to spend Discovery Miles.

Pay Discovery Clients using only their cellphone number

The days of exchanging banking details are over. Pay other Discovery clients quickly, easily and safely with Discovery Pay. Pay anyone who is registered with Discovery Pay using just their cellphone number - whether they are a Discovery Bank client or not.

With Discovery Pay, you can make and receive secure payments in just a few taps on the Discovery Bank app.

Learn more about Discovery Pay

Make instant payments 24/7 with Discovery Instant Pay

Make a payment to a South African bank account at any time, on any day of the week, in real time and without costly fees.

Skip the queues with Health Pay

If you are a member of a medical scheme that Discovery Health administers, you can link your membership to your Discovery Bank account to instantly settle medical co-payments at select hospitals, medical service providers and pharmacies like Dis-Chem and Clicks. Now you can simply pick up your medicine and walk out, or order it online for delivery while we take care of the rest.

Earn up to 5 000 Discovery Miles with the Discovery Integrator

Integrate your Discovery Bank product with your medical scheme* membership and Vitality Health and get up to 5 000 Discovery Miles! All you have to do is activate your Health Pay in the Discovery Bank app, complete your Vitality Health Check and achieve your Vitality Active Rewards personalised health goals. Learn more about the Discovery Integrator.

*Applies only to participating medical schemes that Discovery Health administers.

Make and receive your payments securely

Keeping your money and details safe is very important to us, which is why we use state-of-art security and market-leading technologies to protect you and your money. For peace of mind, read our resources on banking security with Discovery Bank to better protect yourself from criminals.


While self-isolation will keep you safe from the dreaded COVID-19 virus, it is up to you to keep yourself, your family and your company safe from digital scammers and hackers who will be looking for any opportunity to take advantage of you during this time.

Don't let lockdown leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals

The first step in cyber security is to choose strong passwords. They protect your identity and your money, so you need to think about them carefully. Ideally, they shouldn't be written down and they need to be changed often and remembered.

How to choose your passwords...and keep them safe

Transacting from your mobile device can be tricky, but when used on a secure connection, the Discovery Bank app has built-in safety features which maximise safe banking.

Why the Discovery Bank app is your safest bet
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