Ensure your children's education is covered with the Education Protector from Discovery Life.

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Fund up to 100% of your children's tertiary tuition fees by leading a healthy lifestyle.

A good education is essential for your children to maximise their potential. With the Global Education Protector from Discovery Life helps to cover your children's education from crèche through to tertiary education, if something happens to you. And if you don't claim and lead a healthy lifestyle, you can get up to 100% of their child’s tertiary tuition fees funded by Discovery. The percentage is based on your children's age when you take out the policy and on the benefit option you select.

Reasons to consider Discovery Life's Global Education Protector

A good education is one of the best gifts you can ever give your children. With Discovery Life’s Global Education Protector Benefit, your education cover will ensure that they’ll always be provided for and that their future is bright.

Complete cover for your children’s education

This benefit covers the cost of your children’s education until your child receives their first tertiary qualification or turns 24.

Access to a range of schools in South Africa and globally

Our education cover pays for a full range of registered local education institutions from pre-school to tertiary studies, and also provides your children with the option to move to a private school in-claim. Globally we cover the cost of tertiary studies at universities within Discovery's network, including Oxford, Cambridge and Yale.

The University Funder Benefit

Empowered by the Vitality Wellness program, not only does our benefit provide payments if you suffer a qualifying life-changing event, but we also reward you for actively managing your health and wellness. We will fund up to 100%* of your child’s actual University tuition fees for up to three years based on how you engage in Vitality.


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