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Benefits and cover overview

You get unlimited hospital cover - network plans require that you visit a hospital in your network to enjoy full cover. For planned or non-emergency admissions you need to call us to confirm your admission.

Going to hospital?

For planned procedures, it is necessary that you inform Discovery Health before being admitted to hospital. Understand what we need to know before we can authorise your hospital admission.

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In an emergency, you can go straight to hospital. Alternatively, medically equipped transport can be arranged by calling Discovery 911 on 0860 999 911.

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Hospital cover

All members have access to private hospitals. We cover the costs of planned hospital admissions from your Hospital Benefit. There is no overall limit for hospitalisation. You can have peace of mind that Discovery Health places you first with a focus on giving you comprehensive benefits, value for money and services to improve the quality of care available to you.

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Consultations with healthcare professionals

Cover for consulting GPs and other healthcare professionals.

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Cover for frames, contact lenses, surgery and treatments.

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Dental treatment

Members have access to dental treatment - both in the dentist's or dental specialist's rooms, in hospital or a day clinic. Cover for dentistry also depends on the member's plan type.

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Maternity benefit

Members have access to comprehensive maternity and post-birth benefits supported by access to 24/7 support, advice and guidance through the My Pregnancy and My Baby programmes on the Discovery app and website.

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International travel

Offers medical emergency cover outside borders of the Republic of South Africa.

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Trauma cover

The Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit extends your cover for out-of-hospital claims related to certain traumatic events.

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Tests and scans

You have cover for in- and out-of-hospital tests and screening, including investigations, radiology and blood tests.

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Screening and prevention

You and your children have access to screening and prevention benefits that cover tests to detect early warning signs of serious illness.

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Cover for chronic conditions and cancer

If you're diagnosed with cancer and once we have approved your cancer treatment, you are covered by the Oncology Care Programme.

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Chronic Illness Benefit

All our plans cover approved medicine for the Prescribed Minimum Benefit Chronic Disease List conditions. Certain plans cover additional conditions.

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Kidney disease

The Kidney Care Programme focuses on members with chronic kidney disease who need dialysis.

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Diabetes Care

Our Diabetes Care Programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage your diabetes.

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Cardio Care

The Cardio Care Programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage the conditions affecting your heart and blood vessels.

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HIV Care

When you register for our HIV Care Programme, you are covered for the care that you need. You can be assured of confidentiality at all times.

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Mental Health Care

The Mental Health Care Programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage episodes of major depression.

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Cover for medicine and medical items
Medicine cover

Cover for chronic, acute and day-to-day prescribed medicine.

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External medical items

Cover for medical appliances and devices.

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Extra benefits to enhance your cover
Discovery Home Care

Discovery Home Care is a home-based service that offers you quality care in the comfort of your own home, with minimum disruption to your normal routine and family life.

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International second opinion services

Through your specialist you have access to second opinion services from Cleveland Clinic for life-threatening and life-changing conditions.

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Netcells-umbilical cord cell banking

Save on stem cell banking with Netcells.

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