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As a member of Discovery Health Medical Scheme you have access to the broadest and best level of healthcare cover in the market based on your medical needs.

Day-to-day cover

We pay for your day-to-day medical expenses like GP and specialist face-to-face and video call consultations, everyday medicine, radiology and pathology from the Medical Savings Account (MSA), Day-to-day Extender Benefit (DEB) and Above Threshold Benefit (ATB). The level of day-to-day cover depends on the plan you choose.

Medical Savings Account (MSA) on the Executive, Comprehensive, Priority and Saver plans

The Medical Savings Account (MSA) is only applicable to the Executive, Comprehensive (excluding Classic Zero MSA), Priority and Saver Plans. It is a fixed amount that the Scheme gives you at the beginning of the year. Your total MSA amount and contribution is calculated as a fixed portion (15%, 20% or 25%, depending on your plan type) of your total and monthly contribution.

Any unused funds in your MSA will carry over to the next year. On the Executive, Comprehensive and Priority plans, when you run out of MSA, you will have to pay for some healthcare expenses from your pocket before you reach your Annual Threshold for the Above Threshold Benefit (ATB) to kick in. This temporary gap in cover is called a Self-payment Gap (SPG). You must still send claims to us so that we know when to start paying from your ATB.

Day-to-day Extender Benefit (DEB)

On selected plans, when you have spent your annual Medical Saving Account (MSA) allocated, the Day-to-day Extender Benefit (DEB) extends your day-to-day cover for essential healthcare services in our network.

Select day-to-day benefits on the Smart, KeyCare Plus and KeyCare Start plans

Smart plans offer unlimited cover for GP consultations and other day-to-day benefits with fixed payments in the Smart Network. The KeyCare Plus and Start plans offer primary care cover through your chosen GP and day-to-day medicine from our medicine list.

In hospital

You get unlimited hospital cover. For any planned or non-emergency admission you need to call us to confirm your admission. Some of our plans offer cover for planned admissions in a defined network. These plans include Delta options, Smart, Coastal and KeyCare plans. For planned admissions at hospitals outside these networks, and you will have to pay a portion of the hospital account.

In an Emergency

If you have an emergency, you can go straight to hospital. If you need medically-equipped transport, call Discovery 911 on 0860 999 911.

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You can get full cover when using our networks


If you have chosen a plan with a hospital network, make sure you use a hospital in that network to get full cover.


Use MedXpress, a convenient cost-effective medicine ordering service or a MedXpress network pharmacy to enjoy full cover and avoid co-payments when claiming for medicine on the medicine list. Alternatively, you can use one of over 2 500 pharmacies in our network. Cover depends on your chosen plan.

GPs and specialists

You have full cover for GPs and specialists who we have payment arrangements with.

Day-to-day Extender Benefit

Use a network GP on HealthID who meets the digital criteria to access your Day-to-Day Extender Benefits and get full cover for GP consultation fees and kids casualty visits. Cover depends on the plan you choose.

Use the MaPS tool to find a provider near you.


You get extensive cover for maternity, chronic conditions and cancer

Members who are pregnant, and members who have a chronic illness or cancer get the best care and support at all times through our suite of benefits and programmes.

Dental Treatment

Members have access to dental treatment - both in the dentist's or dental specialist's rooms, in hospital or a day clinic. Cover for dentistry also depends on the member's plan type.

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Chronic Illness Benefit

All our plans cover approved medicine for the Prescribed Minimum Benefit Chronic Disease List conditions. Certain plans cover additional conditions.

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If you're diagnosed with cancer and once we have approved your cancer treatment, you are covered by the Oncology Care Programme.

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When you register for our HIV Care Programme, you are covered for the care that you need. You can be assured of confidentiality at all times.

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Kidney Disease

The Kidney Care Programme focuses on members with chronic kidney disease who need dialysis.

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Diabetes Care

Our Diabetes Care programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage your diabetes.

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Cardio Care

The CardioCare Programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage the conditions affecting your heart and blood vessels.

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Mental Health Care

The Mental Health Care Programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage episodes of Major Depression.

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Screening and Prevention

You and your children have access to screening and prevention benefits that cover tests to detect early warning signs of serious illness.

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Maternity Benefit

Members have access to comprehensive maternity and post-birth benefits supported by access to 24/7 support, advice and guidance through the My Pregnancy and My Baby programmes on the Discovery app and website.

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