Chronic Renal Dialysis Cover

Chronic Renal Dialysis

Chronic renal dialysis is covered through the KidneyCare Programme and focuses on members with chronic kidney disease who need dialysis. Living with chronic kidney disease is a lifelong journey, often made difficult because of the significant need for regular care, complex medicine, restrictive diets, and numerous tests and investigations.

The KidneyCare Programme is designed to ensure that our medical scheme members living with chronic kidney disease are managed according to international best practice guidelines, to ensure the best quality of care and quality of life.

Register on the KidneyCare Programme

To apply for Chronic Renal failure, complete the Chronic Illness Benefit application form.

Designated service providers (DSPs) for chronic renal dialysis

Members need to get their out-of-hospital dialysis treatment from our designated service providers for full cover and to avoid co-payments on dialysis accounts.

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