Why choose Discovery Insure

We offer benefits and features tailored to your lifestyle


Innovative car and home insurance cover

We offer benefits you want, like being rewarded for driving well. You can get up to R800 of your fuel spend back every month, as well as other rewards like parking or car wash vouchers or free drinks.

You get excess flexibility, the ability to choose a lower damage level to write off your car, additional accidental damage cover for your household contents, and retail value cover for your specified electronic portable items.

Award-winning safety features

We’re dedicated to making South Africa’s roads safer for all. Safety features available with our award-winning telematics technology include ImpactAlert, where we send emergency help if you’re involved in an accident and we can’t get hold of you, weather warnings and the ability to use your smartphone as a Vehicle panic button.

Convenience at your fingertips

Our smartphone apps allow you to complete your own vehicle pre-inspection, log claims and approve vehicle glass and geyser claims. You also get immediate feedback on your driving behaviour and you can easily see your rewards.

Help when you need it

You get emergency assistance whenever you need it, no matter the time of day. With our HomeAssist benefit, you get emergency electricity, plumbing and locksmith services. You also get emergency roadside assistance with Direction Assist and TripMonitor, which is a 24-hour helpline that keeps in contact with you to ensure your safe arrival at your destination.

Comprehensive car insurance

With our comprehensive car insurance, you

Pay no excess

You pay no excess in the event of theft-related or weather-related claims, and if an accident was caused by an insured third party

Have excess flexibility

Choose your own excess for all other claims

Boost your car's retail value

Choose to get your car’s retail value plus 15% back

Get emergency assistance

Including DirectionAssist and TripMonitor

Choose car hire or Uber

Get up to 30 days’ car hire or choose Uber services instead while your car is being repaired

Lower your car's write-off percentage

Choose to write off your car at a lower level of damage

Benefits can differ according to your Plan type. View our Plan comparison.

Cover for buildings, home contents and portable possessions

You get the following features with our buildings, home contents and portable possessions insurance

  Buildings Home contents and portable possessions

Pay no excess

You pay no excess in the event of a weather-related claim

Excess flexibility

Choose your own excess for all other claims

Help when you need it

Get emergency plumbing, electrical and locksmith services

Extra protection for you and your home

You have peace of mind with emergency security and alternative accommodation

Make sure your home contents are correctly insured

Complete an inventory assessment and know that your home contents are correctly assessed and insured


Store your important documents online

You can store important documents, proof of ownership and valuation certificates online in our Online Vault


Reduce your premium and get the cover you need

Manage your portable possessions cover and premium


Choose your original jeweller

You can choose to repair or replace your jewellery at your specific provider


Benefits can differ according to your Plan type. View our Plan comparison.


Unique safety features

You get the following unique safety features

Immediate help in an emergency

You get immediate emergency assistance if we detect a severe impact to your car, even if we can’t get hold of you

The ability to find your vehicles

Find your vehicles easily in real time on your smartphone

A panic button on your smartphone

Get immediate emergency assistance with our smartphone app

Avoid bad weather

Get warnings of imminent bad weather

Hassle-free parking

EasyPark gives you automatic, hassle-free entry and exit at selected shopping centres, as well as early theft detection

Safety features can differ depending on whether you choose to install a standalone or smartphone-enabled DQ-Track. Learn more.

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Rewards for driving well

You have the option to join Vitalitydrive, our unique driver behaviour programme that rewards you for driving well. With Vitalitydrive, you can

Get up to 50% back on fuel

Qualify for immediate fuel rewards that you can increase to up to 50% back on your monthly BP or Shell fuel spend.

Get Active Rewards

With Vitalitydrive Active Rewards, you can get drinks at vida e caffé or KAUAI, as well as parking or car wash vouchers for driving well.

Get 25% off Uber rides

Get 25% off Uber and further discounts with Road Trip and Scooter Angels.

Get an upfront discount for good driving

With the Dynamic Plan, you get an upfront vehicle premium discount of up to 12%, which is adjusted after the first three months and at every anniversary.

Get more rewards if you're under 26

Young adults aged 18 to 25 can get extra rewards every six months, in addition to their monthly fuel rewards.

Get Tiger Wheel & Tyre discounts

Get up to 15% discount at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Double your fuel rewards

Double your fuel rewards by having it paid into a fund every month to save up for your car excess.

Get a tank on us

Win up to a tank of fuel simply for driving well.

Get Gautrain rewards too

If you buy fuel and make use of the Gautrain, we’ll reward you on your total monthly combined spend.


Unique service features

Plus, you get these unique service features with Discovery Insure

Self-approve your claims

Submit and self-approve your geyser and vehicle glass claims online, within minutes

View the progress of your claims online

You can view the progress of your claims online with real-time updates

Replace your electronics in a flash

We replace your specified lost or stolen electronics within 48 hours

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