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Be prepared for when life happens.

No matter your age or life stage, preparing for when life happens is important. That's why you need to get your will drafted today to secure your legacy and protect your dependants, assets and wealth.

Get a will drafted for free*




Protect your legacy today

Discovery Wills and Trusts Services will help you draft your will so that you have a protective plan that takes care of your loves ones when you are no longer around. We also offer a wide range of comprehensive estate planning and professional services to make sure that your legacy is safeguarded.



Here are reasons why you should safeguard your legacy today by drafting and keeping an updated will:

Make sure your assets, personal possessions and wealth are inherited by someone you choose.

If you pass away without a legally valid will, you die 'intestate'. Your estate will be distributed according to the laws of the Intestate Succession Act of 1987. This means your loved ones may not inherit as per your wishes because our legal system has laws in place that divide a person's estate according to a "pecking order" in the law.

Securing your children and dependants' financial future

If you and your spouse are no longer around to care for your children, you will need to nominate a guardian who will look after and be responsible for them. In addition, you can set up a testamentary trust that will safeguard your assets for your minor children's future. This is better than leaving their inheritance to the Guardian's Fund where they may have limited access to the funds until they turn 18.

Reduce complexity, legal and administrative costs

Wrapping up a deceased estate is a lengthy and complex process and triggers both estate and income taxes. Having an updated and valid will can help reduce the effect of taxes on your estate.

Conflict among dependants

The emotional process of winding up your estate may cause confusion, frustration or even conflict among remaining loved ones who do not have a clear outline of your last wishes.


Life is unpredictable: but you can protect your legacy today with these holistic services.


Seamless experience where a specialist supports and guides you throughout the drafting process. This also includes:

Will storage

Collection of completed and signed will from address of your choice

Easy will amendment services



Estate Planning

The Discovery Estate Preserver comprehensively protects your loves ones from the legal costs associated with wrapping up your estate. Click for more information on the Discovery Estate Preserver.

Discovery Estate Preserver




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* Will drafting is free if you have an estate of over R500,000.00 and nominate Discovery Wills and Trust Services' preferred provider to be your executor.

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