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What sets Vitality apart?

Vitality is a behaviour-change platform that guides and incentivises people towards better health, driving and financial behaviour by combining insights from behavioural economics with clinical science. In understanding the correlations between behaviour and outcomes, we have designed the platform to address those areas in health, driving and personal financial management that have the biggest potential to make positive change in the world.




The case for moving a little more

At Vitality, we partner with leading local and global researchers to find solutions to tough problems - including how to build resilience in the face of a pandemic and how to improve mental wellbeing.


Small Steps Strong Shield

A little more exercise goes a long way. Groundbreaking research from Vitality, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that regular exercise can reduce severe illness and/or death from COVID-19 by up to 42%.

Depression and physical activity

A life-changing study by Discovery Vitality with researchers from Harvard T.H Chan school of Public Health and The University of Cape Town

Mental wellbeing

Physical activity and mental wellbeing

Did you know that moving more can help fight depression? Our latest research with researchers from Harvard University shows that increasing your physical activity can reduce depression in women by up to 19%.

A weighty issue

In South Africa, 31% of men, 68% of women and about 13% of children under five years old are overweight or obese. Vitality looks at the burden of excess weight and how we can tackle South Africa's obesity epidemic together.


The Vitality ObeCity Index 2023

The Vitality ObeCity Index presents the latest insights on the weight status, food purchasing and exercise behaviour of Vitality members six major cities in South Africa. Through it we aim to empower, encourage and motivate people, so that we can begin to build a healthier nation - starting today.


Tackling the BIG health issues

Our latest research


Live smoke-free with Vitality

We know that it is tough to quit smoking. Although 22% of the global population (1.3 billion people) currently use tobacco, data tells us that most smokers want to quit. Unfortunately, fewer than one in ten smokers succeed in quitting every year. Vitality is determined to help smokers quit for the long term. Here's how.

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We had a big fat problem before the COVID-19 pandemic, with the high prevalence of overweight and obesity globally and in South Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic compounded this problem. But, good nutrition makes all the difference. Here's how we can help you to eat healthier.

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