Show your money the world

Invest globally with Discovery and get access to the world’s best investment opportunities.

Confidently navigate the world of offshore investing

Learn what it means to invest globally, how diversification helps to protect wealth, and how access to global opportunities can grow it more. Speak to your Financial Adviser about what to consider before investing offshore.

Get more value from our global investments with a better exchange rate

Our global investment plans offer unique benefits to help you reach your investment. Our Global Endowment gives you an opportunity to invest below the prevailing exchange rate, effortless tax administration, significant estate planning advantages and access to your investment when you need it.


With us, it’s easier for you to get your investment started

Global investing with us has never been easier. You only send us your application and source of money, and we do the rest to get your investment started through our smart verification of supporting documents.

Get global investment expertise from the two of the biggest international investment managers

We are proud to have partnered with two of the biggest global investment providers. We have a wide range of investment opportunities to help you structure a global investment portfolio that suits your needs.

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