Our wide range of investment choices

You can use our wide range of investment choices to structure a global investment portfolio that suits your needs. The range includes risk-profiled portfolios, share portfolios and structured solutions, managed by the world's leading global investment managers.

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Our investment range has four groups of investment choices

Discovery Global Portfolios

Our risk-profiled portfolios offer a global all-in-one investment solution. These portfolios use one of the world's largest asset managers, BlackRock. They offer a variety of asset classes across many geographies and an active passive blend of index trackers and external asset managers.

You can select Discovery Global Portfolios on the Global Endowment, the Global Recurring Endowment and the Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser.

Discovery Global Share Portfolios

Our share portfolios are suitable for people with a higher tolerance for risk and an appetite for global equity. The portfolios have strong track records and comprise listed securities advised by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. These share portfolios were previously reserved for high-net-worth private wealth clients in the US. However, you can now select them on the Global Endowment if you invest more than USD 100 000.

Global Alpha Investment Choices

Our Global Alpha Investment Choices are suitable for people who want more flexibility. You can choose from a range of investment choices covering all major asset classes with the investment managers and investment choices carefully selected by a team of highly experienced analysts.

Global External Investment Choices and Global ETFs

We have over 320 investment choices across a range of risk profiles and asset classes with top managers from around the world.

Featured fund: The Discovery Global Megatrends Fund

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Analyse and compare investment choices with the Global Investment Selector

The Global Investment Selector uses advanced digital technology to enable you to choose and compare investment choices from the Global Alpha Investment Choices and Global External Investment Choices lists.

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