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Discovery Bank won't be changing just one thing, it's changing everything – which means there are exciting times ahead! Are you keen to keep track of the latest developments as we ready ourselves to bring you a world-class banking experience? Then look no further! Find Discovery Bank news, views and helpful resources here.

Discovery founder explains what it means to bank healthier

Watch Adrian Gore, founder and Chief Executive of Discovery Limited, describe how Discovery Bank will make a difference to clients. He explains how the unique behavioural banking model differs from that of both traditional banks and new fintech; it offers a ‘third way’ by means of a sophisticated, intuitive bank that profoundly affects people’s behaviour, helps them manage their money better and get rewarded for it.

Gore also talks about the bank’s BEE scheme explaining the legislative, social and moral imperatives behind it. He elaborates on the bank's broad-based approach towards inclusive economic growth, which he sees as key to building a safer, secure, prosperous South Africa, and contextualises the Bank within Discovery’s commitment to invest R13 billion in the country over the next five years.

Discovery Bank beta testing kicks off in November 2018

After six months of alpha testing, we are thrilled to have kicked off our beta testing and are inviting our Discovery staff members to join. We’ve designed a banking solution that lets people manage their money better – one that will leave everyone wondering why it was never done this way before.

We’re also busy dialling up our operations in anticipation of bringing more of our clients across when Discovery Bank officially opens its doors to the public. Our main goal is to help people improve their financial health by changing the way they work with their money.

We’ve had an incredible response to the launch of the Discovery Bank so far, with thousands of people adding their name to our list to be first to join once we’re up and running for everyone. Remember, the bank is open to all South Africans and you don’t need a Discovery product to join, but obviously if you already are a client, you’ll enjoy more rewards through integration.

We look forward to reaching out to all the people who left their details with us first, and will be sharing more info with them over the next few weeks and months. You can also stay tuned to this news site for the latest on how Discovery’s helping SA bank healthier…


Do South Africans need to bank healthier?

Discovery Bank has done the research, and it boils down to this: If South Africans, as individuals and as a nation, want to move forward socio-economically – we desperately need to reduce our debt and foster a healthier savings culture.

There are now eight million more credit-active consumers than the total number of employed people in South Africa. And the problem is bigger than these figures reveal, because they don’t account for informal debt like private loans.

By and large, South Africans are big borrowers and poor savers, but 5 financial behaviours can help people become financially healthier. Learn what they are, and how strong incentives to improve these behaviours can help South Africans become more money-savvy. Find a case for behavioural banking here.


How Vitality Money and boosted Vitality rewards work

In 2019, Discovery Bank – the world's first behavioural bank – will be available to the South African public. Simply put, it’s a bank that will guide, motivate and reward you for getting financially healthier. If you’re unsure how the bank will help you manage your money better and what Vitality Money is, we’ve put together a summary.

The article explains how your Vitality Money status is formed, how you can earn points to increase it, and what rewards you can expect for doing so. These include dynamic interest rates, tangible discounts and the ability to fund a new Apple iPhone by hitting Active Rewards goals. We also give you a snapshot of our wide range of partners for Discovery Bank’s boosted Vitality rewards. Learn more here.


The science behind Vitality Money

At Discovery, we take our research very seriously. We’re committed to verified data collection, rigorous analysis, input from a range of fields for diverse and holistic perspectives, the best in thought leadership and behavioural theory, and long-term solutions that align with our shared-value model. That’s why we put so much time and effort into white papers – we know that by understanding the challenges South Africans face, we’ll be better placed to help solve them.

In this research report, ‘Banking for a Stronger South Africa’, we present relevant (and worrisome) statistics about the current financial health of South Africans. We then delve into behavioural theory and the human biases that impact how people understand and engage with their finances, showing how changing five simple behaviours can have a massive impact on financial health. Dig into the details here.

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